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There will be a forest that does not like greenery and natural industries. A world is trying to grow trees or gardening on a small scale for the betterment and protection of the environment. Everyone strives to be the best gardener and this thinking is not wrong. At least people are attracted to use their roofs to reduce the temperature and increase the source of income, but first let’s mention a few problems. A
Caution is required when spraying water
The temperature in Lahore ranges from 40C to 50C and in this scorching heat if one does not have Bougainvillea flourishing.
It is a matter of concern that her bulls are drying up.

Although bougainvillea grows in summer, its leaves are green and it blooms. It is said that it does not need much water. If someone gives it water twice a day, it is a mistake. This is a plant that is watered only once a week, but its vines continue to flourish and grow.

Even if water is given after two or three weeks, it is still a surviving plant.
If the fertilizer is not good, the plants will not grow
Inhibiting the growth of papaya, chicory, lemons and ponytail plants highlights the importance of the problem. First of all, it is very important to analyze the fertilizer and soil. If the fertilizer does not contain healthy elements, then your plant Can’t grow properly.
Sometimes it is necessary to change the soil of the plants after a short period of time while the plants should not be moved from one place to another.
All Weed Stones should be removed from around the plants. Fertilizer should be taken with the help of an authorized nursery and a financier and it should be correct to spread it in the ground to a depth of 4-6 inches. Must give
Then apply organic fertilizer 2-3 inches or 5 cm to 8 cm. Be careful in spraying water that it is not salty water and is absorbed in the roots. Cheek trees bear the best fruit from five to eight years. But protecting them from insects and breaking them is not the right thing to do.
When the queen of the night withered
If your nightshade plant starts to go bad.
If its leaves and flowers turn yellow, then know that there is something wrong with watering. The queen of the night is called Cestrum Noctorum in botanical Naat. It is possible that someone is trying to grow a queen of the night in a pot or container that has not been drilled. Water is wasting your labor by storing it in the roots.
In the monsoon season, the plants do not need to be watered continuously every day. This season has its own moisture. Twice a week is enough to spray water. Drainage of plants should be seriously tried and If they are given some time, they also grow and the fragrant and fruit trees and plants also bear fruit.

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