Sprint or easy running – what to choose?

Still sweating on the treadmill for hours just because the “big guys” are doing it? Face the fact: most people does the long, slow cardio workouts because they are easier to do, but not because they magically burn fat. If your goal is to develop true muscle mass, then you should start thinking to include sprint in your running program.

Sprinting has a number of advantages – metabolic and morphological (structural). As far as the metabolic advantage, sprinting increases the number and efficiency of enzymes that control your three energy systems. Several studies have demonstrated that the levels of enzymes kinase and creatine phosphokinase are increased after sprint running. This mean that the body can faster decompose phosphocreatine and glycogen contained in the body and quickly and efficiently provide energy for the muscles. The result is greater muscular strength and endurance, so that over time we can increase the distance and duration.

Sprint easy running

Another benefit from sprinting are the morphological changes that occur in your body. During the run, your muscle fibers become larger and stronger, thus making your muscles bigger.

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And finally, the adaptation of your body to sprint depends from several factors: length of the sprint, recovery between repetitions and frequency. The ideal option is to contact your coach so you can put together the best program that can meet your goals.

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