Why you should start the day with fresh orange juice

Mornings are particularly busy for parents – they need to get up and prepare their kids for kindergarten or school. Preparations must be quick so that they can get to school on time and morning sleepiness and thirst can further “destroy” the mood.

A cup of orange juice can make miracles in the morning. Many nutritionists recommend to start the day with fresh fruit or 100% fruit juice, especially orange juice because it contains a high percentage of vitamin C and it helps in rapid awakening of the body.

But not all have fresh oranges or time to prepare a juice. So, equally useful and good option is a natural orange juice. Besides waking you up, natural orange juice has many other benefits that every parent needs to know.

Here are the top 5 reasons why your child (and you) should consume fresh orange juice in the morning:


#1 Better immunity – Vitamin C has a particularly important role in building a good immune system. Due to the high level of vitamin C in orange, and therefore in the orange juice, the consumption of this juice can be very useful for improving immunity. This juice acts as prevention of seasonal colds and viruses in your children.

#2 Prevents anemia occurrence – Vitamin C encourages the absorption of hemoglobin, which in turn is crucial in the creation and maintenance of red blood cells. Lack of red blood cells can lead to anemia. Orange juice provides plenty of vitamin C, which is why most pediatricians recommend parents to give orange juice everyday.


#3 Improves the eye health – Orange juice contains vitamin A, which is directly linked to eye health. Vitamin A is considered necessary for the maintenance and improvement of good sight. Just one cup of orange juice contains nearly 50% of the necessary daily dose of this precious vitamin.

#4 Proper child grow and development – Orange juice is a sort of “vitamin bomb” which has substantial levels of calcium. This important mineral plays a key role in bone health and helps proper growth and development in children. In addition, calcium maintains the health of the heart, muscles and teeth.

#5 Regulates the digestive system – The antioxidants, which are part of the orange juice, are helping in speeding up the metabolism, regulation of the digestive system, preventing fluid retention and elimination of excess fat.

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