You really need to stop eating fast food. Here are top 5 reasons why

The more fast food you consume, the greater the risk of depression,” this is the conclusion of the study published in the Public Health Nutrition and developed by author Almudena Sánchez-Villegas. This statement probably makes you think about the “benefits” of the fast food. However it looks like most of the population just ignores it, specifically USA population. Did you know that there are more than 270.000 fast food restaurant in the United States only, and that their combine yearly revenue is around $100 billion.

The purpose of this post it to present the negativity of consuming fast food. Obviously there are many, but here we will focus on the top 5:

1. Fat – the human body needs fat in order to survive. Percentage of the fat in the daily calorie intake should be around 25%. The average human daily consumes around 1.500 calories and your fat intake should be around 30 grams per day. But if you eat at fast food restaurants the average grams of fat one meal has is around 70. That’s more than double the daily dosage. And only from one meal! Imagine you have all the meals in fast food joints. Obesity would be the least of your problems and cardio vascular diseases probably your biggest.

2. Cholesterol – recommended daily intake of cholesterol is less than 300 mg. The products that have highest percentage of this steroid lipid are butter, cheese and egg yolks. One meal at fast food restaurants (egg and sausage toast for example) has around 250 mg of cholesterol. So with only one meal you achieve your daily target of cholesterol. But no one has one meal per day, does it? So avoid everyday visits to the fast food joints.

3. Weight gain – your meals at Burger King, McDonald’s or KFC may be tantalizing and satisfactory but they have high concentration of calories and processed oil. It would take tremendous effort in order to burn off the calories you will intake with a meal in these fast food restaurants. If you are prepared to run 10 km after each meal, and most of us aren’t, you should avoid junk food.

4. Low quality of ingredients – most fast food chains use the cheapest parts to make the products. When you are eating your meal in some fast food restaurant it says that has cow meat, but you don’t know (or have any idea) from which part of the cow it came from. In some cases, you’re lucky it the meat is from cow (hint: dogs, horses…….)

5. No or little food preparation – its called fast food after all and there is a reason for that. Most of the meals served in fast food joints are unwrapped from their frozen containers and thrown into a dirty microwave. Rarely some of the meals are properly cooked on stove.

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