Strong women NEVER should stop doing these things for a man

Attitude of woman in relationships
You are first ..
When you’re in love or when you feel insecure, it is easy to put other ‘s needsabove yours. But if you do not stop in time, you lose part of who you are.
Be independent, to follow your own plans, feel good about yourself and find happiness, not stop you from having a healthy and successful relationship.
Pay attention and never stop doing this for a man , or anyone!

#Change your appearance

No one should never force you to alter your appearance for their own benefit.Your partner must love you as you are, in all aspects.
If your weight, your hair or does not like your style, clearly is not with you for the right reasons. If you alter your appearance you should do it and not because you want to get the attention of someone else.

#Altering your goals

No one should interfere with your goals or dreams. It’s your life, and only then you regret not having followed your dreams.
The decision to dismiss a job opportunity or postpone an idea may seem correct at the time, but the future is uncertain. Your partner should always lean and rather than stop you or change your dreams, must accompany and help you grow even more.

#Waiting approval

The strong women are governed by their own rules, do not sit to wait forinstructions. You must be true to yourself and make your own decisions rather than wait for approval of your partner.
Learn to trust your instincts, you know yourself better than anyone and what you decide will be best for you.

#Cancel plans

One thing is to change plans if something comes important, but another thing when you stop doing your stuff just to be with him.
Your friends and family should not be left aside and you should not see them only when he is not available. Your time with them well worth your time like yourself, he ‘ll understand if you have other plans, learn not to postpone everything for him .

#Let you change

If you’re a strong woman, you should never let anyone change who you are . If you decide to change some aspects of your life, it must be because they help you become a better person.
Never lose sight of who you are, if you change the other in the long run you’ll regret. Enjoy and let people love you as you are and do not let anyone feel that your life can alter or manipulate.
Being a woman strong and be clear about these things, it does not mean turn your back on love, on the contrary. Strong women feel comfortable with themselves, they pursue their dreams, enjoy the relationship and enforced by what they are.Do not forget!
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