Study Of Sapiosexuality Suggests Most People Really Are Sexually Attracted To Smart People

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Apparently, the brain is right up there with huge tits, and big dicks.

An excerpt from PsyPostThe study, recently published online in the scientific journal Intelligence, found that most people desire a partner who is smart. Furthermore, a small percentage of them reported that they were specifically sexually aroused by intelligence.

“A second part of the study was relevant to the word ‘sapiosexual,’ a person who finds high levels of intelligence the most sexually attractive characteristic in a partner,” Gignac said. “The word sapiosexual had been used in popular culture, but had not yet been investigated scientifically. Consequently, I wondered whether sapiosexuality could be measured with a conventional psychometric scale and how many self-described sapiosexuals there might be in the population.”

For their study, Gignac and his colleagues surveyed 383 adults regarding what traits they valued in a romantic partner and how attracted they were to people of varying intelligence levels.

“Intelligent” was the second most highly ranked trait, behind “kind and understanding.” The third and fourth most highly rated traits were “exciting personality” and “easygoing,” respectively.

Are you buying it? The first through four traits people are looking for don’t include physical appearance? It’s a refreshing change, if true.

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