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In summer, the intensity of the sun increases a lot. The scorching heat of the body runs. Due to the extreme heat, people, birds and animals look anxious due to thirst. The leaves of the trees wither. The nights get shorter and the days get bigger. Nature has put such benefits in foods that they are also useful in enduring the harshness of the weather.
In summer, it is important to increase water use.
People who are forced to go out in the afternoon should include light lassi in their diet. In extreme heat, appetite is also reduced, so there is no better drink than lassi. A glass stays sharp for a long time. In hot weather, the urge to eat decreases. In this case, yogurt is a useful food.

Consumption of yogurt also keeps the digestive system healthy and protects the intestines from heat diseases.

Drink two glasses of water in the morning. It is better to squeeze lemons in it. It will also be useful to combat heat. Vitamin C and other vitamins in lemons provide extra energy.
Mint is an herb used in food for flavor and aroma. It is easily available all year round. Boil a little mint leaves and fennel in a glass of water.
When cool, strain and place in a jug and refrigerate. Drink this water from time to time when you are thirsty all day long. It will not only provide energy in the heat but will also cleanse the blood and rejuvenate the skin. It is also a good tonic to keep you safe from summer problems i.e. rashes, itching, etc. The benefits of mint are many. It is also used as a table decoration in the form of sauce.

When it comes to heat, how can the benefits of cucumber be overlooked? It has so many benefits that most dieticians also call it superfood. In severe hot weather and scorching sun, make sure to use cucumber in your daily diet. Make it. In extreme heat, even if you do not work hard, sweat is flowing like water. In this way, a large amount of water in the body is lost.
It is important to maintain a certain amount of water in the body. The use of cucumber not only helps in maintaining the amount of water in the body but also protects it from the effects of heat. Cucumber can be used raw or made into salads. Cucumber mixed with yogurt protects against intestinal inflammation and keeps the stomach active. Protects the digestive system from complications.
Many children suffer from diarrhea in summer, so cucumber is an excellent dietary supplement.
The fruit that nature has created in the season should be useful for the creatures according to the season. Carrie is also a gift of summer season, the name of which makes you want to have a snack. Carrie is a delicious summer fruit. It is eaten in many ways in summer.
For example, its sauce is preferred on the table. Its jams and pickles are also preferred by the people. It also has many medical benefits, for example, it is rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin B1 and B2. It has the effect of protecting the heart from heat. It is useful in expelling waste products from the body by activating the digestive system. Carrie is useful in intestinal diseases.
A slice of curry mixed with honey relieves diarrhea, dysentery and constipation. Curry syrup is a useful drink to avoid hot flashes in hot weather. It is easy to make. Mix four cups of sugar and prepare the syrup. When it cools down, filter it. Combine two cups of boiled curry pulp in a blender and mix it in the prepared syrup.
Store in a clean, dry bottle. When using, mix one part syrup with three parts water and ice.
High fat foods in summer increase thirst so try to reduce the use of chili spices and poultry foods in the diet. Instead increase the consumption of pulses and vegetables. Also increase the use of fruits in the diet especially they Fruits that are full of water and juice like watermelon, malt, seasonal, grapefruit etc.

In summer, keep the house cool while paying attention to the body. The first step in this regard is to put chuck curtains on the porches and windows, this will keep the heat out. Plant trees and plants around the house so that the house with their shade. The roofs and walls of the house are protected from the sun.

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