Summer and its diseases

The seasons change according to their routines. There are specific requirements for each season. The summer season lasts from the end of April to July. During these months, the sun shines with the whole atmosphere, which causes bright sunshine. , Hot winds blow and scorching heat. Unlike winter, sweat is frequent, thin soft clothes and cool items are required.
There is a slight decrease in digestive power as well as normal physical strength.
Health accepts human mischief very quickly. Vomiting, diarrhea, loss of appetite, dark yellow color of urine and irritation occur. We can easily spend the summer by taking the following measures. Can be protected from weather diseases.

It is important to change your diet in the summer.

Excessive heat causes a lot of sweating, which affects physical strength as well as digestion. A little malnutrition can cause stomach upsets.
Spicy foods, fried meats, mild, chicken roasts, eggs, starchy foods and fried spicy foods produce acidic substances in the stomach and body heat, and often lead to stomach upset.
Stale foods should not be eaten at all, as such foods have a high digestive capacity and are spoiled in the stomach. In this way, there is a defect in the digestive process. In addition, flies sit on stale items and Germs enter the stomach through, which can lead to vomiting and diarrhea. Due to the increased heat of the stomach in this season, hot food like fish can not be digested.

From May to August, human health responds very quickly to miscarriages, which can lead to skin disorders. Nature also prepares itself to meet seasonal requirements. Therefore, summer fruits and vegetables also reduce heat. Vegetables and fruits are rich in vitamins. They strengthen the natural immune system, so eat more seasonal fruits and vegetables to keep the body hydrated.
Among these vegetables are pumpkins, ghee, bitter gourd, zucchini, while among the fruits, melons, plums, aloe vera and lemons are especially noteworthy.
False is the best fruit to quench thirst. Cucumber is also an important vegetable of this season. Nature has full capacity to break the heat in it. By eating it as a salad in summer season, we are naturally protected from the effects of heat. Can live
It is not advisable to eat cucumber on an empty stomach. The best way to eat cucumber is to cut the cucumber by half an inch from the head and rub the two parts together, thus removing its bitterness in the form of white foam. First peel the top of the cucumber with a sharp knife until the colored part separates. Then wash with water and cut into slices and eat after eating.

Due to the extreme heat in summer, the body also loses a lot of sweat, so drink as much water as possible, so that the part of the water that is lost through sweat reaches the body again. Adequate amounts not only maintain the body’s energy, but also keep the body temperature largely moderate. With sweat, the body also excretes salt.

If other ailments do not prevent dehydration, then mix lemon juice in cold water and drink it with a little salt. When you go out of the house, you must drink a glass or two of water. There will be no decrease, but the body temperature will decrease after sweating due to excessive sweating. This automatic system of power can be helped by drinking water at this time.
Cold drinks such as lassi, barley or sutu mixed with sugar syrup, buzzer syrup and lemon juice mixed with a little salt in cold water is very useful to drink, however cold drinks (Jewish drinks) are harmful to health rather than beneficial, because They give a sense of temporary relief.
People use a lot of ice in the summer, but keep in mind that the use of ice should be kept in moderation.

Do not use ice if you have a cold or sore throat. Sucking ice cubes (golaganda) is common in young children. Also avoid raw mangoes, as they can damage the throat and cause coughing. Can become
Wear soft and loose-fitting light-colored clothing this season, as lighter colors absorb less heat, while darker colors absorb more heat, so darker colors, especially black Don’t wear clothes at all.

White is the best color. Nylon and synthetic fabrics are very harmful, they can cause rashes, itching and other skin diseases. Nowadays, the custom of cotton clothes with cliffs has become common. They are painful, because it is impossible for air to pass through them. In summer, you must take a bath twice a day.
Heatstroke, also called sunstroke, is a typical summer condition.
Getting out in hot air and hot sun causes heatstroke, which initially causes headache, then fever. Thirst is very high. Urine is frequent, but less frequent. Heart beats faster. And weakness leads to fainting.
If someone gets a fever, immediately put the patient to a cool, well-ventilated place.
Cold ice water should be poured on the body. It is a dangerous disease in which the patient becomes unconscious. In such a situation, do not drink salted water until the patient regains consciousness, because in anesthesia it Water can affect the lungs through the respiratory tract. Soak the bandages in ice water and place it on the forehead.

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