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You may have had a pedicure done at home and possibly in a parlor. Has your beautician paid special attention to your heels or told you some tips for caring for cracked or swollen heels?
You can easily implement these tricks at home. First of all, it is important to keep your feet clean and free from dirt. Keep a small plastic bowl at home.
In the afternoon or at night, in your spare time, mix a little shampoo with lukewarm water and rub it in the basin. Where do you forget to wash your slippers when you come home, why do you ignore your feet.

After cleansing, lightly massage coconut oil with your hands.

Often there are lumps on the sides of the heels. This skin is apparently hard and devoid of any sensation. It does not hurt to touch but it looks ugly. In addition to these lumps, here are some techniques for proper care of the feet. Being published.
Olive oil is the best remedy for eating and massaging. If you want, add a few drops of lemon juice and apply it on the front and sides of the feet in a warm condition.
Mail will start coming on the cotton and the feet will be visible. The lumps will also start to soften with the use of two or four times. Eat a banana and if the banana which is very soft does not give off a bad smell, make a paste of it and apply it on the sides of the heels to clean the skin. Take a minute and then wash your feet.
Petroleum jelly is mostly used in winter, which is not true.
The best results can be obtained by adding a small amount of lemon juice and fresh milk to petroleum jelly.
Sea salt can be mixed with lukewarm and tolerable water to keep the feet submerged.
In addition, it is important to drink more water in hot weather. Lack of skin water causes most of the problems. If we take care of our diet, comfort, comfortable shoes and cleanliness, such problems will not arise.

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