The exercise must be correct

The weight of a sir was increasingly increasing. The other started coming out. They advised them that weight and stomach can be reduced through exercise. They started exercise but weighs what weighs It would have been the complaints in the waist and hernia complaints. It is very important for health and fitness, but it is not permissible to work well, it can be harmful instead of benefit.
In the wrong way of exercise, any person may face any problem, but 50+ men and women should understand the right way to move the body before starting exercises. Workouts in the age of age It’s the benefit of it.
A research in the UK has come to know that more than exercise helps Damanisia (disruptive minds) and prevent diseases.

Exercise is told useful in diseases such as heart disease, fluid, diabetes, and depression. University College London’s doctor Mark Hammer says that if you are older than sixty years, then stay in constant movement. It is ideal for regular exercise, but also starting to start exercise too It is beneficial. According to physically moving, they do not mean to go to the gym or ride, but also involved in walking and gardening.

How much exercise should be done daily …?
According to a research in Taiwan, only a 15-minute exercise can be increased daily. Health says that this is the lowest limit of exercise in their health interests for an adult person. Low in a research in the research Less exercise time is recommended thirty minutes.
Women race one to two minutes, strengthen bones
Women also run fast daily for 60 to 120 seconds, they have good effects on their bones.
Women over the age of thirty years, the bones are common and related to it, but now the good news is that if they run through the whole force for only one minute daily, then on their density (density) There is a good effect and the bones are strong. Auxiliary and strong bones mean arthritis and decrease in fracture. If women can not get regular exercise and gym, they run 60 to 120 seconds fast daily. Can strengthen their bones.
Lightweight weight can also be very beneficial than exercising. Experts say that two minutes running daily can be strengthened by bones, ie bone density and solid pin improvement.
Patient and exercise of heart and fluid
The results of a research in the United States and Britain have shown that exercise medication is as much as possible for patients and fluid patients.
The effectiveness of exercises and medicines on patients was reviewed and it came out that the exercise of heart disease is as follows. The effect of exercise on the patient’s patient’s effect was more than medicine. The basis of these results Exercise should be included in patients’ prescriptions.
Very few adults per day are necessary, while the use of medicines has been increased rapidly.
If the heart disease is present or is concerned, consult the doctor who can play a role in the treatment. According to Dr. Peter Colin of the Edomic Association, the role of exercise is important. He said that he said People can reduce the risk of regular exercise, eating balanced diet and smoking smoking.

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