The fire of prejudice and racism has once again reached its peak in Britain

London (Blogger4zero latest. July 15, 2021) Manchester’s Oldham Council leader Councilor Urooj Shah’s car was set on fire outside his home by miscreants. His car was deliberately set on fire outside his house. Incendiary materials were used to start the fire, which caused the fire to spread rapidly and the flames reached the neighbour’s house.
Firefighters battled the blaze, but the vehicle was badly damaged and the fire at a neighboring house was extinguished. Urooj Shah and his family are safe. No one was reported injured or killed in the incident. Oldham Police have registered a case and launched an investigation.

Police say Oldham Council leader Urooj Shah was at home at the time of the incident.

A 24-year-old boy has been detained on suspicion and is being questioned. On the other hand, according to international media, Corona is unbeaten in 33 matches of the tournament in the final of the Euro Cup 2020, which starts a year later. Italy beat England by 2 goals to 3 on penalty shootout. In the final match at Wembley Stadium in London, Britain took the lead with a goal in just the second minute, which Italy equalized in the 67th minute. ۔
The match could not be decided even after getting extra time. Three England players who were black failed to score on penalty shots. After losing the match, the spectators in the stadium came to their senses and started vandalizing and the preparations for the celebration turned into violent demonstrations. There are also reports of clashes between the three black players who did not score goals on social media, blaming them for the defeat on the basis of racial prejudice.
In another tweet, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson criticized the discrimination against black players, saying the practice would not be tolerated. Other organizations, including FIFA, have condemned the racism of players.

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