The harms of overeating

One side of our diet is amazing and frightening. On the one hand, we eat all kinds of food and all the things that are not eaten, on the other hand, we eat them far beyond our natural need and strength.
You are not hungry at all, but your friend insists that the food is ready, you must eat something. You feel compelled and sit down to eat.
You leave home full of food, but if you see something good on the way, you start looking for an opportunity to eat it. When you go to a friend’s party, you do not bother to think that our The stomach will take care of itself. What do I mean by that? But after a while the meaning becomes clear.

As soon as you eat too much, your body becomes heavier and you start having trouble walking.

It is even more difficult to explain to people who do not understand such thick things that these digestive things reduce the pain of human beings at that time, but this pain remains in their body as a seed and will lead to further diseases. The shape produces their large trees.
The point is that we can digest as much food as we can, when we fill our stomachs with more than that, except for the part that is digested, the rest is undigested and half-digested when it starts to go down through the intestines. So many of the harmful ingredients come out and turn into poison and get into our blood.
When these harmful parts come together, our blood gets damaged and it causes various diseases in the body. Due to the deterioration of blood, diseases are created in the body later on. First of all, waste products accumulate under the intestines. There, a kind of fermentation begins in them which leads to constipation and later other terrible diseases. So don’t overeat.
Eating with hunger saves a person from many diseases.
When you eat too much, the stomach gets bigger again. Next time you want to eat so much. Then when you decide to eat less, there may be trouble. The solution is to eat four or five times a day. Prefer simple food instead of heavy food. Just think about food when eating.
There is no need to be busy on the mobile phone, in this case there is a risk of overeating. Start eating with a light salad, it will reduce the appetite and you will eat less. Eat sauces, mousses and fatty foods. Prefer fruits, vegetables, boiled fish and meat. Drinking water frequently after meals makes digestion difficult. By following this you can also avoid obesity and stomach heaviness, possibly weight gain. May be less

Lastly, it is important to cook the food well to kill the bacteria, but it should not be cooked so that all the nutrients are lost. Overcooking the food can also be harmful. Cooking can produce harmful chemicals. Similarly, starchy bread (cereals, potatoes or cookies) should be avoided.
In this case a compound called acrylamide starts to form. It is more useful to boil the potatoes and eat them. Do not use cooking oil too often for frying. (PAH) is also a chemical that is not considered good for health by European institutions. Fresh ice for frying not only tastes better, but it is also the first priority of health.

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