The Health Benefits of Peaches

Orange and Zaradi and some red peaches are being available in this season, you want peach juice, which is highly frustrated, and if jelly and whirlpool are included in the delicious sweetness.

Its sauce can also be made in the state. You can also use it in salad. The children and the elders put fresh upper on the peaches and the elders will definitely get rid of it and if the trumpet peaches If you are available, they can put brown sugar on them and make them more taste.

The benefits of this excellent fruit are also numerous and there are numerous nutrients in which there are minerals and vitamins. After the body can be the best source to remove the lack of salt.

100 grams of peach nutrients
Glucose 3413 micro gram
Fiber 26 grams
Water 155 grams
Floridide 70 micro gram
Saleenum 0.2 micro gram
Magnies 0.1 mg
Copper 0.1 mg
Zinc 0.3 mg
Potassium 333 mg
Phosphorus 35.0 mg
Calcium 10.5 mg
Protein 16 mg
Vitamin 380A ml
Vitamin 116C mg
Vitamin 1.3e mg
This is the blood blood
The peaches also make blood and also remove blood acidity.

The women who have a reduction in blood should eat a fresh peach every day once a day.

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