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Even if your home is one unit ie drawing, dining, one bedroom and kitchen on the ground floor and the rest of the lounge and its rooms are on the upper floor and even if it is built in double storey style then stairs or stairs Involved in architecture. Because they are indispensable. If the stairs are made in a creative way then the element of interest in the house will come back.
It’s not just about movie sets or drama houses. Movies and dramas also need stories to show the beauty and craftsmanship of the environment. It’s not like we don’t include this creative element in our ordinary homes. Today we have to talk about the beautiful concepts of the stairs.
Wooden stairs
Wood is a base material in construction.

Nowadays, unique and beautiful designs of stairs are made by installing attractive boards. The wall adjacent to the stairs can be decorated with the help of wallpaper or tiles.
Billing stairs
Such stairs double the beauty of the house. These stairs are made of wood in addition to concrete. The element of nature can also be highlighted in the railing.
Sometimes geometrical, sometimes traditional floral designs have been used for years, not today. The concept of carving can also be seen in them.
Stairs consisting of slabs
This style is also innovative and unique.
L-shaped stairs
These are stairs used to suit individual needs. Similarly, stairs made like the structure of the English letter U are also seen in some places.
Straight-style stairs are an easy target for architects. Stairs consisting of a mixed structure of Winder Flair, L and U are being built in modern houses.
Cantilever Stairs
These are also stairs made without railings but should be installed along with railings in homes with small children. They look very attractive. They will give an artistic touch to your home. And each shape can be tailored to your family’s needs, budget and resources.

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