The Insane Riches Of Dubai

If you have never heard or seen anything about Dubai, you are about to see the richest area of the world.  With the exchange rate you can even have a good time on a modest amount of money.  Anyway, this is defiantly on my bucket list.

Ariel Shots

Dubai Satellite 3 Dubai Satellite 1 Dubai 3 Dubai 1



Dubai 5



Dubai Prince Palace 4

Dubai Prince Palace 3


Dubai Prince Palace 1 Dubai Prince Palace 2


Tennis Court

Dubai Tennis CourtDubai Tennis Court 2 Dubai Tennis Court 3

Police Cars

Dubai Police Car 5Dubai Police Car 3Dubai Police Car 4

Dubai Police Car 2

Dubai Police Car 1


Insane Cars

SLR McLaren 999 Red Gold Dream Ueli Anliker - interior design

Dubai Prince Car 3

Dubai Prince Car 2

Dubai Prince Car 1


Abandon Supercars

Dubai Abandon Car 6 Dubai Abandon Car 5

Dubai Abandon Car 4

Dubai Abandon Car 3 Dubai Abandon Car 2 Dubai Abandon Car 1


Underwater Hotels

Hydropolis Hotel 3 Hydropolis Hotel 2 Hydropolis Hotel 1

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