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He described it as similar to the eyes of a star.
The mascara has been the choice of women not only in the 21st century but in every age. Thick stripes or lines in the eyes make them more prominent in ancient civilizations. Due to dhikr, it is also done from there.

Whether it is Bollywood or Lollywood, past or present, the use of mascara has also been seen in heroin.

Its importance is further enhanced when mascara is also found in the sixteen cosmetics dedicated to women’s beauty, which is why mascara has been popular among women for a long time to keep the eyes clear, attractive and attractive. Mascara not only plays an important role in enhancing the natural beauty or beauty of the eyes but is also considered essential for the treatment of various ailments.

While mascara is so important, most people are reluctant to use it. According to them, excessive use of mascara is harmful to the eyes. But this impression is wrong because if you use standard mascara from different brands available in the market If you know, apply mascara. Non-standard and cheap mascara should not be used at all as it carries the risk of eye infection.
Experts seem to give different instructions before applying mascara. They say that before applying mascara, the eyes should be washed with cold water so that the eyelids and around the eyes will be cleansed. If the skin around the eyes is dry then you can apply moisturizing lotion. Apply or lightly massage this lotion around the eyes. On the other hand, if your skin is oily, you can also use powder to remove this complaint.

On the other hand, ophthalmologists seem to forbid the purchase of cheap mascara. According to them, cheap mascara is usually made from lead sulfide, which can make your eyes look itchy, but its regular use can be very harmful to the eyes. Probably because it is important to always use standard mascara. It will give a soft impression to the eyes and also make the face look beautiful. However, if you are not familiar with the method of applying mascara, then give up the plan of applying mascara.
In the past, the young women of the house used to learn the art of making mascara from semi-garlic, which was considered suitable for the eyes, because mascara made from neem flowers is considered to be beneficial for eye health. If you are not familiar with the method of make up, then give up this idea. Nowadays, the use of different types of eye make-up is becoming very popular among women and new make-up tools and products are available in the market to enhance their beauty. Due to the fact that most of the women’s eye beauty fades, but did you know that the beauty of the eyes can be enhanced by using mascara, because nowadays the practice of light make-up is common.
Girls apply mascara with light make-up in such a way that their make-up looks noticeable. Let’s talk today about the styles of make-up that can further enhance the beauty of the eyes. ۔
Basic mascara style
The style of mascara in which mascara is applied in the same circle or line above and below, then this style is called basic mascara style.
If you want to go to a party in a hurry, apply basic mascara style, it will easily enhance the beauty of your eyes in two minutes.
Upper lash line mascara style
If you are going to an ordinary event, the Apparel Line Mascara style is best for you. To use the Line Mascara, apply mascara on the upper part of the eye and leave the lower part as it is. This style will enhance the uniqueness of your eyes. Will

Lower lash style mascara
If you do not want to do too much make-up, then with this style you can fulfill your desire well. When you don’t want to put on a full make-up, you can use this style liner for a night party and people will not be able to live without giving thanks.

Smoky Eye Style Mascara
If you want to apply smoky eye style mascara, apply mascara on the lash line of the eyes. After a while, take a small amount of petroleum jelly and rub the eyes lightly with your hands, which will give the mascara a smoky style look.
Ancient Egyptian style

The Egyptians used to say that mascara protects their eyes from the sun’s rays, so they prepared mascara with great care.
Here’s how to apply it: Apply an eye shadow on the eyes, from the roots of the eyelids to the eyebrow bone. Make a thick line in the same way. Start the line from the outer edge of your eye.
Ancient smoky style
This more modern style will make your eyes look wider, clearer and more impressive.
Innovation is the hallmark of this style so you can try it on any occasion without any hesitation. Here’s how to apply it.

Spread the dark gray eye shadow over the eyelids well. Then draw a thin line with the help of eye pencil to create a smoky impression on the lower part of the eye. Then blend under a darker eye shadow.
Finish this impression by applying two coats or layers of black mascara. In fact, the tradition of applying mascara and kohl has been going on for centuries in the East. It is said that the ancient Egyptians were the first to invent mascara and kohl. Their kohl used to be a mixture of different metals. His mascara was most prominent in the adornment of Qaluptra, which was applied in a certain way.

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