The Real Highway To Hell

First of all guys, did you know that Russia is the country with most dashboard cameras in the world. They use them in order to provide additional evidence in court as a form of protection against police corruption and insurance fraud attempts.

They also use them to record countless road rage incidents, brutal parking lot fights (yes, we all love watching those angry drunk Russians) and even that meteorite. Dashboard cameras FTW!! We have to admit that Russians made a smart move with those cameras as they tend to make very funny videos.

This video may not be funny, but it sure is intriguing and interesting to watch. It shows us a highway accident that caused a series of explosions. The explosions came from high pressured cylinders with some kind of explosive gas in them.

The driver was really irresponsible as he seemed to be speeding with such a dangerous cargo.  He was lucky nobody got hurt and that there was not so many cars in the accident as things could’ve gotten way out of hand.

This was a great icebreaker video for HAZMAT ( short for Hazardous Materials ) class for demonstrating the dangers of insecure high pressured cylinders in a highway accident. We think they got their point across! ☺

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