The Relationship Between Health And Happiness

Health as a matter of fact, nothing can be used to replace it. Health is something even the most richest man in the world cannot buy. Being healthy and living in a healthy lifestyle is a blessing from God. Let me subscribe to the opinion of the masses which says health is wealth. However, let me tell you today health is not only wealth but also life. That is, health is wealth and life.
Many people don’t even realize that there is a direct relationship between health and happiness. These two are optional but it necessary to make the best choice by being healthy and happy. Be a healthy being, strong, active and energetic make you happy. Do you realize that? I said both health and happiness relate to each other but also optional. The choice you make in life depends greatly on how healthy and happy you may live. If you choose to be happy then you must be healthy, taking necessary balance diet, do exercises, drink more water, take rest and sleep well, balance between job and leisure period, abstain from had drinks and hard drugs and stay in company with good and positive minded people. Doing all these make you happy and you surely feel the happiness.
However, many want to live a happy and perfect healthy life but they do make or pick a wrong option or choice. Any other option than the above option might result to another thing. It is highly pertinent not digress from this option because all the aforementioned activities are just a product of natural healing. Exercise is a natural medicine, drinking enough water is natural medicine, taking a rest and sleep very well is a natural medicine that refreshes your body and other more. All these are natural healing which even makes you happy for doing. We are when we eat, drink, rest, sleep and do exercise.
It is also be noted that living a healthy life which always makes you happy is a continuous process which must not be interrupted or stopped. It is not a temporary activities but a permanent activities if truly you want to stay and feel happy for life. Doing it temporarily brings temporary happiness while doing it continuously brings happiness that flows day in day out.
Good health as a direct proportionate tool for happiness can be achieved only if you see your life as essential to you. You must understand why must you be happy everyday? Do you want to feel happy everyday? Then, you should pick the option of good nutrition, regular exercise, water consumption and others. These make the pursuing of your goals and objectives active and help in achieving all your target. An unhealthy and unhappy person cannot be active, strong, energetic, happy or motivated to thrive for his or her because such person is not living a healthy life.

No doubt about that, when you grow older your body seem to be weaken as a result of aging. At this aging period, many people face health challenges which sometimes shorten their life span. For this reason, the best time and best moment for you to prevent any unforeseen illness is now. Take healthy nutrition, drink enough water, participate on all necessary and fitness exercise. Doing this at the right moment will surely prevent the future circumstances. At that aging moment you see be fit and feel like a young man. The happiness of being healthy is not well enjoy now but it is fully enjoy in the aging period.
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