The risk of outbreaks of infectious diseases in the monsoon, the goods in the open market to avoid eating

Karachi (IANS) were threatened outbreak of epidemics due to poor sanitation arrangements in the monsoon season in Karachi, open items of outside experts instructed to abstain from food.TV was running the monsoon season in Karachi, along with the dhyrbhy take place in the city of garbage in the city because of the abundance of flies and mosquitoes in the dirt cleaning Mo SIM according to the experts the epidemiological situation has created fears of disease outbreak. Qayyum said the doctor Izmir drink Avoid eating out of goods for diarrhea and the risk of spreading the infection, eye infection Wire Ltd says hy.mahryn this season is to avoid epidemics and water to boil. experts say the disease take special care to clean to avoid diseases and particularly to prevent children from eating out dirty and open items.Dr. Izmir Qayyum said the arrival of Mahmood Abad, Minister settlement, Manzoor Colony, Machar Colony, poor aurabtr situation and monsoon cleaning the Karachi Malir has much more serious conditions, such food lovers out Men and women need to be very careful to prevent parents from complete abstinence .He said that he strongly warned their children to eat strip all market .He pregnant women this season in choosing cleaning and food offered and around to save your child’s life and health arising eyes will be kept open.

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