The Secret to Attracting Anything You Want in Life

The mindset you need to have to attract anything in life including a great sex life is the same mindset you need to have to be wildly attractive on-camera. The better you get on-camera, the more you’ll be able to attract whatever it is you want in life.

The Science of On-Camera Attraction

Nowadays, no matter what you want, the odds are you have to – at some point – appear on camera to get it. Online dating? You need an attractive dating photo.  Job hunting? A headshot is a must and often a Skype interview is part of the process. Have an online business? You’re going to have to make and appear in videos (because nothing on the internet converts higher than video).  The success you have in either attracting the lover, getting the job or booking the client all starts with being attractive on camera. If there’s one thing you take from this article, it’s that being attractive on-camera has NOTHING to do with physical looks.
When I talk about attraction, I am talking about one’s ability to attract whatever it is they want through photos and videos. This is a consequence of something that has nothing to do with being ‘pretty’ or ‘handsome’ and everything to do with something else.
Have you ever seen a couple fighting in public? If you think back to a time when you have, you’ll probably remember they attract a lot of attention. People cautiously hush their own conversations and shift their attention over to the couple that’s fighting. Why? Is it because they’re being socially inappropriate? Not really. It’s because they’re not self-conscious at all.  They’re highly emotional and completely committed to having an impact on the other person. They don’t care that they’re in public and are absolutely not self-conscious. Because of this, they are very attractive and it’s hard for people to look away. They’ve captured the attention of others and are holding it without even trying.
You can can learn to do the same without have a domestic dispute in public. There are certain things anyone can do on on-camera that will make them instantly more attractive than someone who’s not doing them.

From Self-Conscious to Other-Conscious

The goal is to get you from being self-conscious to other-conscious. Hopping back to the bedroom analogy for a moment, when two completely other-conscious people are in the bedroom, there are some serious fireworks. When you have two self-conscious people in same bedroom scenario, things can be awkward. Awkward would describe 99% of the people that first step in front of my camera – before I share with them what I’m about to share with you.
There are three very simple decisions you need to make before you step in front of any camera.
  1. Who are you talking to? Specifically? The camera is just a passthrough unto whomever you want to reach. It’s an inanimate object that is simply designed to capture what’s there. When we get specific about who we’re talking to, it immediately connects us to something outside of ourselves. Hint: pick a person you feel strongly about. A lover, husband, wife, best friend. Someone who you care deeply for and focus on them.
  2. How do you want to make them feel? Happy? Inspired? Sexy? Loved? Once you decide – then do that. How? You already know how. The way you greet someone you adore is a very different than how you greet someone that you want to back over with your car. It’s called acting. It’s what the best actors in the world do. They focus on who they are talking to and how they want to make them feel. If you’re being photographed, this is all you need. If you’re in a video, since you have to speak, you need to add one more element.
  1. Why. Why are you talking to them? To inspire them? To share your passion about a product you’re selling or to teach them (fill in the blank)? If you’re in business and you know your subject matter, this is all you have to do. Think about who you’re talking to and why. The what will take care of itself. This is what allows people to hop on a video platform like Periscope or Facebook Live and be brilliant without a script.  Oprah Winfrey is a master of this and a large part of the reason behind her $3.2 billion net worth.
That’s the value of The Science of On-Camera Attraction. It’s limitless. The better you get on-camera, the more you’ll be able to attract whatever it is you want in life. All it takes is a little bit of practice.

More Confidence Between the Sheets

How do things in the bedroom go for you when you’re feeling self-conscious? Self-conscious about yourself or your body (or a part of your body)? Do things go well or not so well? How would you describe your experience in the bedroom when you’re feeling self-conscious? Probably, not so good. Or even, not at all.
But what about when you feel totally free? When you’re not watching yourself or self-conscious at all? When you feel able to completely lose control? Things tend to go a little bit better for you, don’t they? In most cases, a lot better. The truth is that the tools you need to have a great orgasm are the same tools you need to be wildly attractive on-camera.
Consider the approach you probably took in your bedroom journey. That first experience you had was probably an awkward one. But you didn’t say: “Well that wasn’t much fun, I’m not going to try that again.” After that initial bit of awkwardness wore off, you probably thought: “I feel this is worth trying again – (and again and again).” If you take that same approach with your on-camera work and focus on who you’re connecting with and how you want to make them feel you’re going to see an instant increase in your own level of attractiveness on-camera. I’d even go so far as to say if you apply this mindset to other areas of your life you’ll see some pretty exciting benefits there as well.
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