The symptoms of kidney disease who are often ignored, and See.

LONDON (Kashmir) Kidney disease is extremely dangerous and some are hyn.grdy disease symptoms in people suffering in the face of death gradually become something that is already apparent, but they are ignored in ignorance, Let us tell you about them.
Dry Skin
you appear to be dry.
Aazaءpr inflammation
As stated in the kidney out of substances irregular body and if it is not the right place to look tumktlf aazaءpr hy.pawn inflammation, face, ankle and other joints may be sore.
Deficiency of blood
Our kidneys produce a hormone which causes due to a lack of new blood in the body. If the kidneys begin producing this hormone disabled (Erythropoietin) and does not bleed.
Pain in lower back
Which side you sleep, if it is possible to feel the pain immediately checked my kidney because drdhunahy big sign at the bottom of the back of the disease.

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