These 10 Photos Clearly Shows The Difference Between Public And Private Schools In Nigeria

One major difference between private and public schools in Nigeria is definitely the tuition fee.

The public schools are owned by the government while the private schools are owned by individuals or missionaries. Typically, one who attends a public school is an “ajepako” and the ones who attend private schools are referred to as “ajebotas”.

Here are ten photos that basically show you the difference between these two schools:

#1. School Fees

Private: Break the bank.

Public: Pay for uniform and come to school to learn.

Image: Nairaland

Photo: Nairaland


#2. Uniform

Private: Cardigans, blazers, always good

Public: Check shirts and mostly rough

Image: TooYoungTowed

Photo: TooYoungTowed


#3. Teachers

Private: Well groomed teachers. Rarely miss classes

Public: Regular missing of periods or making them indulge in cheap labour. Lots of burden on teachers too.




#4. What Free Periods Mean

Private: Study or nap time

Public: Make noise all over the school

the trouble with nigeria chinua achebe

Photo: Pinterest

#5. Fun School Activities

Private: Excursions, field trips from time to time.

Public: Once in a blue moon. Hardly happens.

Image: NigeriaTravelSmart

Photo: NigeriaTravelSmart


#6. Strikes

Private: Never affect

Public: Will always affect them.

Lincoln Community School

Photo: Pinterest

#7. Building

Private: Well built, well aerated with beautiful landscape

Public: Uncompleted, dilapidated buildings




#8. Libraries and Laboratories

Private: Well equipped with recent materials

Public: Rarely equipped or items are out of stock


Photo: blackgirlnerds


#9. Freedom

Private: Walled and tight security. Students are expected to compose themselves too

Public: All the freedom.




#10. Population

Private: Fewer in the class

Public: A lot of students in a class.




Are there any other differences you can recall?


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