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These 24 Dangerous Selfies Will Shock You

In this era of selfies, many people are going the extra mile to make their pictures stand out of the crowd. They assume positions that can run shivers down the viewers’ spines. These people seem unconcerned about the dangers surrounding them while taking the pictures.

Check out these 25 pictures taken by those who risked their lives just to be the talk of the town. Some died during the ‘adventure’ while others lived to tell their story.

  1. Selfie taken with an active volcano.

2. Xenia Ignatyeva; she climbed more than 30ft to take this picture. After the picture was taken, she lost balance and fell to her death.


3. James Crowlett; he was eventually attacked by the shark and died on the way to the hospital after losing much blood.


4. Kelvin Richardson (The Lion Whisperer).


5.Yaroslav Saheda with friend


6. Taking selfie with bulls in Spain. 4

7. Taken by astronaut Aki Hoshide while visiting the International Space Station


8. 21

9. He risked his life with a tornado just because of a selfie.


10. Selfie with a bear. 3

11. He later crashed into the truck ahead while taking this selfie.


12. Taking selfie in front of a moving train. 13

13. Lee Thompson on top of Christ the Redeemer, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.




  16. How did he get here in the first place? 6

17. He took the selfie after surviving the plane crash. 15

18. Shark man. 14

19. It’ll be catastrophic if he makes a wrong turn


20. Selfie taken while jumping off a cliff.

dangerous selfies

21. Selfie taken by Alexander Remnevwith a friend on top of The Princess Tower, Dubai, UAE.


22. Selfie taken by Kingston while hanging off a crane atop the South Bank Tower, London.





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