These 5 Exercises Will Relieve Back, Hip, and Knee Pain in 20 Minutes

Every day hustle and bustle, jumping from one bus to another and other daily activities can make many people develop back and hip pain. People often assume their back, hip and knee pain would be a result of an issue with those part of the body. This assumption has been proven wrong as many studies in the past.  The solution to this horrible feeling is easier than you can imagine, working the muscles in your feet can actually relieve the pain in the back, hips and knees. Tight ligaments and blood restrictions in areas of the feet are a big factor in pain in other areas of the body. Releasing that tension helps almost immediately in most cases. 

Here are 5 simple exercises that takes less than 20 minutes to help you relieve on-going pain in the back, knees and hips. These exercises require little to no additional equipment and can be done on any surface.

#1. Ankle Circles

Ankle Circles

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Blood restricted in the area of the ankles can cause pain in the other areas to compensate for that issue. In order to relieve that restriction, a few repetitions of rotating your ankles in first one direction and then the opposite direction can alleviate the pain and get the blood flowing better. It stretches out the ligaments to the back, hip and knee and improves mobility as well.

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