These bad habits will ruin even the strongest relationship, beware!

Bad habits in relationships
You should avoid ..
Even the most “perfect” couple facing problems, nothing is certain in love and if you work hard and are looking for ways to resolve differences and keep in tune, no relationship to flourish.
But above all there are some habits that tend to harm the relationship no matter how good they are or how much they love.Pay attention!

# 11 Do not be on the same page

Sometimes couples are not in tune with what seems more important and feel their feelings and individual goals are more important and have priority. Do not do it! Consider your individual needs while their needs are as a couple.

# 10 Do not meet the other’s needs

Each person has needs that expect your partner to fulfill. But sometimes couples tend not to be clear about what they want or assume that the other’s needs are the same as theirs.Communication is key!

No. 9 Disconnect and do nothing

In every relationship there are periods, sometimes we may feel that the other is disconnected or disinterested and that can make us feel bad. In that case you need to discuss it and find a way out of that state, if you let it continue without doing anything, everything will be difficult again be the same.

Bad habits in relationships

No. 8 Let diminish privacy

The intimacy is critical in the relationship, not only in gender but also in terms of kissing, hugging and other gestures. You should never let diminish the intimacy between them, although all have moments, there are ways to let you know that we keep the other happy with the relationship.

No. 7 neglected mutually

Neglected each other when they forget the commitments they have made together, they do not pay attention to what the other says, make plans on their own and are increasingly focusing less on the other. Beyond how much work they may have or problems they are facing, there is a way or a detail to let you know the other what we feel, when that too is neglected, the relationship will not end well.

# 6 Save rancor

The rancor not spoken or unresolved is a great poison for a healthy relationship and can be very harmful. Communication is key to find ways to deal with problems without accumulating rancor. You should always try to work things out and not let it accumulate.

# 5 Not deal with things before it’s too late

If you know that things are not well, however it easier to do nothing and wait, it is better to face the truth and deal with the problems of the relationship. Wait until things are resolved alone, will only lead to more distance and will be increasingly difficult to do something about it .

No. 4 criticize each other

It is normal to have differences but when everything becomes critical is not good for the relationship. If you focus only on the bad habit they will become critical and will put aside compassion and support needed in a relationship.

# 3 Do not show affection

When things are not good it is normal that costs reconnect in privacy, but if it happens that you feel more comfortable without showing affection or naturally neither has an emotional or affectionate gesture with the other, it is because something is wrong .
 habits in Badrelationships

# 2 Let the stress control

Life can be stressful and while we can all have more bad than other days, many couples let the stress get in the relationship. Seek ways to not let adversely affect, focus on the couple and enjoy the moments you have shared together.

No. 1 Fight to win

If you are more focused on being right than he really connect with and understand, attempts to talk about problems make things worse. It’s not about who is right but to find the way to solve them.
Much more will follow these problems unresolved, the more passes these negative habits intensify and reduce connection partner. Every day, there are obstacles and situations that test us, no matter if they are the happiest or couple in love, all relationships have a breaking point. They are aware of and avoid these habits are part of your routine!
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