These Banned Commercials Are Hilarious

Well guys, I am pretty sure all of us hate those long and boring TV commercials. I believe there is not a single person on this world who likes commercials just because they tend to interrupt our favorite TV shows. You may say “Well, not only do they interrupt or favorite TV shows, they are also boring, monotone and not nearly funny enough to be considered even remotely enjoyable.” and you are completely right!

Truth be told, there are some innovative and funny commercials out there, but the numbers fall short to the boring ones.  We all love watching those weird ones that usually don’t end up on TV as they tend to be inappropriate for younger audiences (that is what makes them so good in the first place). . . If you ever wanted to see some of the weirdest (weird = funny) commercials out there, then this video was simply made for you:

Source: YesFunnyYes

The video features a lot of banned commercials. Some of them are quite funny, some of them are grotesque, and some of them are so weird perhaps disturbing is a better word). We encourage you see for yourself! You will not regret it, we promise.

We really liked the MasterCard commercial (yes, the one with the blow jobs and whatnot). We found it pretty witty and funny. When you combine witty and funny with sexual related comedy it makes a great commercial. Too bad it was banned. . Anyway, kudos to people at MasterCard, someone should get a raise.

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