These Celebs Show You How To Navigate Post Breakup

Relationships are all good and dandy when the ocean ahead looks like smooth sailing. However, when it gets stormy things take a turn for the worse and then eventually another turn to splitsville. What do you do then?
Some find themselves resorting to the cliche, but comfort, of watching sad romance movies and dipping a spoon straight into a tub of Ben & Jerry’s—now that you don’t have to share the Chunky Monkey. Others throw themselves into nonstop physical exertion, hoping to rid of heartbreak one drop of sweat at a time. There are no rules for how to navigate life after love. There’s no handbook that tells you how its done. No rights and no wrongs.
So instead of laying in your dark room trying to ponder your way out of sorrow, turn to the celebs whose failed relationships have been on display lately. Allow their very public breakups to guide you through your private struggle.

Ozzy & Sharon Osbourne

After a long marriage, you begin to adopt characteristics of your significant other. It’s inevitable. Once your kids are of age and it’s just the two of you, where do you go from there?
It’s simple, you put forth all of your anger and aggression toward your talk show, the way Sharon Osbourne has. Okay, so maybe you don’t have a talk show, but you can bottle that energy and use it to dominate in your career just like the matriarch of the Osbournes has done.

Zac Efron & Sami Miro


When two hot young people get together and develop a steamy relationship, everyone feasts their eyes on the duo. When the duo decides to part ways, it’s a let down for everyone who was cheering them on.
So how do you rebuild after losing your sexy significant other? Well, you get to work on your rock hard abs. After all there’s no better revenge than a good body. In Zac Efron’s case, the body takes over the big screen alongside even funnier comedians. That’s important too, get yourself some source of laughter.

Drew Barrymore & Will Kopelman

Sometimes it’s hard to find the perfect person and it seems like an endless stream of dating before meeting the one. But what happens when you meet the one, have two children, are married for three years and then your bond deteriorates?
You immerse yourself into your old habits. For Drew Barrymore that meant getting her hands wet with some acting work, as well as pushing her wine business to the paramount of success. Is there an old project you started but slacked on once you fell in love? Pick it back up!

Kylie Jenner & Tyga

Dating a guy who is a little older and wiser can be fun when you’re 18. We just love dating the guys our moms warned us about. What we don’t take into consideration is how this “dream boat” may come with a lot of baggage. This relationship is fun at first but seriously, who’s ready to be a stepmom at 18? When the relationship hits rock bottom and you’re single again, what do you do?
You lean on your best friends and your sisters as your support system. You continue your reign queen on Snapchat. You also pump up the supply of your really popular lipkits. Fine, you don’t own your own lipstick company, but you can turn that sadness into success like Kylie.
Breakups can be hard and you can often lose yourself in the process of mourning, but the point here is to do more of the other stuff you love when it’s over.
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