They rely more on a variety of men’s best friends, a science which will reveal the most depressed men

NEW YORK (K) Relationship is sad indeed that the men who have a natural tendency toward anti-women actually homosexual men are considered more reliable and usually takes still friends with them. Lesbian claims US-friendly University of Texas research trend of women to men has said.

Study leader Eric Russell says that more than my good friends for advice on the issue of women’s emotional and romantic relationships that found in a study of more than 700 university students consider themselves homosexual trusted friends . He says that he used fake social media profile during his research students have been gay men and other ordinary men show a desire profile and study them.
Investigators say specifically where women have to face an environment that spouses make their front men of the limited number available hujbkh their competitors if more women are in consultation and emotional support we homosexual men are preferred. It has been published in the scientific journal Archives of sykcuyl byhyuyyr.

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