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This 36 Years Old Has The Largest Commercial Rice Farmer In Nigeria

Meet Rotimi Williams, Founder Kereksuk Rice Farm

Many don’t know about Mr Rotimi Willians, a farmer and the owner of a major rice production farm. Here are things you don’t know about him that could inspire you to start your own farm today.

  • He Attended King’s College in Lagos.
  • Earned Bsc and Masters in Economics at University of Aberdeen, MSc. in Finance and Development Studies at the School of Oriental and African Studies, London .
  • Employed as an analyst by European Economics and Financial Centre, London
  • Subsequently employed as a journalist by Euromoney Magazine to cover Africa
  • Got exposed to agriculture during his many travels to Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda, South Africa, Zambia and Ghana
  • Returned to Nigeria, got a banking job with promise to sit on the agriculture desk

Resigned out of frustration as the bank failed to adopt his many agriculture policies initiative…

  • Started a Structured Trade and Commodity Finance company after many failed attempt to raise funding
  • Also  started consulting for small agriculture companies seeking to raise capital both locally and internationally
  • After 2 years of no money, began sourjoring in Nasarawa state (northern Nigeria) for possible farm.
  • Approached the owner of a 17,296 hectares farmland  with an offer of  equal split of any products he plants on the land.
  • Began developing the farm with personal funds and external funding
  • Subsequently Increased the farmland size to 55,000 hectare
  • Later acquired 45,00 hectares of the farmland; parted ways with the erstwhile land owner due to differences in views and strategy

everyone thinks you need a special degree in agriculture to be a farmer, but I always tell them the truth, I learnt it all on Google. I downloaded every article I could find on rice production, consumed it and then practiced it 

  • Sept 16, 2015 floods destroyed 40% of the farm
  • Lost 100% of the farm 7-10 days later due to persistent flooding
  • Struggled and re-planted again. Currently produces 8,000 metric tonne of rice per year
  • Has at least 100 indigenes of Nasarawa in employment.
  • Launched FOOP (Farm-Out-Of-Poverty) to expose students to the production and economics of rice farming. Pays each participant N50k.

Kereksuk  would require significant fund raising to reach full optimization by the year 2020


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