This is How to Get Rid of Head Lice Easily

Definitely we can’t get beautiful hairstyles or nice hair cuts when battling with head lice. This condition is a common problem among kids and adults alike. You don’t want to see yourself or your kids scratching head often in public, this is unhealthy and embarrassing as the same time. Parents panic a lot when they find their kids struggling with head lice. Head lice among adults is usually occur when the hair is not properly kept. Before we describe how to get rid of head lice easily, we will look at what causes this conditions as well.

This is what causes Head Lice

Not all head lice are caused by dirty hair. The parasite doesn’t see if your head is clean or dirty, they just need human blood to survive and they get this from any head- clean or dirty!

Head-to-head contact causes lice. This allows the lice to crawl from the head where they already are to the head that comes in its contact. Usually, children have head to head contact in different environments, for instance, in the school, while playing outdoors with friends, at friends’ home, tuition centre, etc. Mostly, children aged 4 to 13 years are affected by head lice.

Head lice doesn’t cause any disease but lead to extreme itchiness of scalp. Too much itchiness sometimes causes infection of the scalp. Head lice can create a lot of other troubles, physically and emotionally. As soon as you notice the moving lice or nits in the hair, you should take appropriate steps to remove it immediately.

Natural Remedies to get rid of Head Lice

There are many natural solutions, herbal remedies and simple at-home treatments available to get rid of head lice.

Combing to Get Rid of Head Lice

Combing is the best strategy to get rid of head lice. Combing the hair with fine-toothed comb or a lice comb is an effective solution to remove head lice, at least, when you notice the problem soon, just after lice infestation begins. As soon as you notice the lice infestation, use the lice comb to remove the head lice before it breeds. Instead of buying the plastic combs, you can choose the wooden combs too.

The key to removing the lice through combing involves, removing the hair from tangles and separating the hair into small sections.

  • Using a regular comb, detangle the hair and separate the locks into smaller sections.
  • Now use the fine toothed comb, preferably special anti-lice combs having very fine teeth. The comb teeth should be spaced tightly to trap the lice.
  • Always spread a white towel or paper below the length of the hair so that the falling lice cannot escape as you could easily see the black creatures crawling over the white surface.
  • You can comb the hair to remove the head lice in two ways, namely oil combing and wet combing. Moisture in the hair and scalp help reduce the movement of lice. In fact, lice cannot move in a sticky environment. So, removing head lice in wet or oiled hair is an easy process.

6 Simple Home Remedies to Control the Invasion Of Head Lice

To get rid of head lice, first you should remove the matured lice and baby lice. If you don’t have nits, you can try the natural remedies frequently to control the growth of lice. If you have nits, you should kill the nits and remove them completely. Remember, even one or two lice on your head can lead to re-infestation of lice. Following natural remedies, you can control the lice and prevent infestation.

1. Neem – Most powerful remedy to get rid of head lice

How to apply neem for head lice removal

Neem or the Indian Lilac, sometimes also called margosa, is the best remedy to get rid of lice. It kills both lice and nits. Neem leaves contain a lot of medicinal properties. Topical application of neem leaves paste destroys the lice and you can remove it using comb with ease. Even if you have nits, using neem leaves is helpful. However, you have to remove the nits using a wooden nit comb.

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