This is the best way to prevent gestational diabetes

This is the best way to prevent gestational diabetes
When my was pregnant with her first baby, she took the test for gestational diabetes at 28 weeks. The nurse told her that everything would be fine and that insurance would not, but gave positive.
I had never felt so bad and guilty in life, I was afraid of what this could do to her baby, until I learned that she had to scare herself,  but put herself in campaign to take care of herself and with that everything went well.
If you want to avoid scare that I went through, I will tell you what is the best way to prevent gestational diabetesAttentive!

Are you in the most prone strip?

First, before you rush to follow a diet or get very nervous and affect your small, how good would know what people are more likely to generate gestational diabetes .

Of course, no one can know for sure whether or not this condition will suffer during pregnancy, but there are groups of women who are more likely as Hispanic, African American or Asian.
Other influences are overweight before pregnancy , someone in the family already have diabetes, the pregnant have more than 25 years or who have already had a large baby, that is, who was born weighing more than 5 kilograms.
Ideally , consult your doctor about the symptoms of gestational diabetes to be well informed and able to diagnose it early.

Diet and exercise

The main thing is to limit to a minimum your intake of sweets and carbohydrates . Aggregate  fiber to your meals in the form of vegetables, fruits, breads and cereal grains; for example, consume 10 grams of fiber daily reduced gestational diabetes by up to 30%.
Also seeks to move, exercise lowers glucose levels in the blood more than you think. Walking and swimming are the best activities;check with your doctor to see what type of exercise you do during your pregnancy and enjoy it.
Now that you know how to prevent gestational diabetes before and during your pregnancy, is just take care of yourself and enjoy these months that will never return. Relax and be happy during your pregnancy, so nothing can go wrong. Happy pregnancy, friend!
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