This May Be The Scariest Ride Ever

If you love to try new things in live, if you are a true adventurer or you just simply love watching people get scared to death on Youtube, you have to check out the following video:

Source: Theme Park Review

This crazy ride features a 100 foot free fall at approximately 55mph with nothing but net on the way down. Insane!!!

All of us have certain limits but only the brave ones are able to test those limits to the maximum. They simply enjoy that adrenaline rush. We are really lucky to have people who design these sorts of things.

I mean, why should we invest in healthcare or education, let us hire people who will design scary, breath – taking (literally) constructions so we can scare people to death.  Yeah, why not?!

In this video you saw the Nothing But Net ride which has one purpose – scaring the living shit out of people solely with the force of gravity. Yep, that’s right.

After watching this video I was so amazed by the construction that I decided to go visit that park and take the ride (if I ever save enough money for a trip to Denmark). You live only once, right guys?

If you like these things we highly recommend you visit the Tivoli Friheden Park located in Denmark and try out the Sky Tower ride (don’t forget to record your fall with a GoPro or something). . .Or you can just sit at home and watch funny cat videos on Youtube, why not?

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