This Nigerian Lady Designed The Queen of England’s 90th Birthday Cake!

Anuoluwapo Adebanjo, a Nigerian baker of Edible Spices pastry shop and events designed the 90th birthday bake for the British High Commission in Lagos.

The cake which has been featured on a number of sites with photos of Nigerian celebrities and most influential people has being causing a debate on social media: “Who developed it? A very excited and appreciative Anu shared the story behind the cake and how she was consulted with.


Anuoluwapo Adebanjo and the cake she designed for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II on her 90th birthday.

Her post as shared on her Facebook page :

“YOU are not man that YOU should lie…over 10 years ago, God gave me a dream bigger than my capacity, I have never tried to figure it out, I serve a great and mighty God, I just knew I had to wait for the right time… He told me I won’t have to beg for it, neither will I pay my way to success(and my pride began, yes I’m proud, I have the backing of the Greatest God) all I needed to do was just to rest and believe in his mighty words. I have been told severally to send cake samples to some celebrities for hype(yes it’s good when you are building a brand) but I don’t believe in it, I believe if my work is good enough, with God, kings, celebrities will sought after my brand not for self pity (if I have to send to a top person I admire, i’ll do with no strings attached, I do some anonymously anyways, you might be the next


Queen Elizabeth’s 90th Birthday cake.

I have gotten several requests from media houses to pay for news paper publications/Tv interviews so that I can be featured (it’s good for business but I won’t do that maybe for now). It has never been about fame and quick money(those who know me can testify) I believe in process, I know God wants to take me through a part only him will take glory for… some people ask how can a self taught cake maker be this good? Well I have told you severally I’m God taught, I don’t rely on my own understanding, my self and the Holy Spirit hold hands when I’m working on a cake ( this is my secret o trust me). So I was contacted last week to Make a Cake for the Queen’s Birthday Party, I had no idea what the design would be until yesterday evening… I was told dignitaries have been taking pictures of the cake at the British deputy high commissioner’s residence, A great achievement! To God alone be the glory. I’m not where God wants me to be yet but I’m grateful I’m following through bitter-sweet process.
Happy 90th birthday to Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth ll
#ediblespices#gratefultoGodforall#heseestheheartandherewardsaccordingly” .



The Queen’s birthday cake on display in London and Ex-Captain of the Nigerian national football Team Jay Jay Okocha posing with friends.

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