Tips for good night sleep

We spend almost one third of every day in sleeping. While we sleep, extremely important processes are taking place in our bodies, so getting sleep is very important for our health.

Here are some tips for better sleep – try to apply them:

  • Try to go to sleep at the same time and be up about the same time, regularly every day. If you need to replace the lack of sleep during the night, it is better to sleep during the day, than to sleep more in the morning (this can disrupt the regular rhythm that you need to establish). Try to limit the daytime sleep to about 30 minutes, so you would not have trouble falling asleep at night.


  • Melatonin is a hormone associated with sleep. When is dark, more melatonin secretes in the body, and vice versa. In the modern lifestyle, secretion of melatonin has become distorted because we work in offices, away from daylight and spend our nights in apartments which are ofter very lighted. We recommend that during the day you should not wear sunglasses all day long, but let your eyes and body feel the sunlight. In the evening, in the apartment try to dim the light, and your bedroom should be dark and cooled and ventilated. Before going to bed, do not watch TV.

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  • Prior to going to sleep, try to engage in some relaxing activities: read a book, have a relaxing bath, listen to soft music, do light stretching exercises, drink some soothing tea (lime, lemon balm…).

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