Top 10 best African countries to start business

Are you interested in starting any business of your choice in Africa?But still thinking of the best performing economical countries to start with?You are at the right place.

The listed countries are no-nonsense countries because is well sourced and also based on the economy performance of each of the country.I cant deny the fact that poverty is one of the major problems facing some of the African countries,but has that stopped the spirit of entrepreneurship among the Africans?

Africa is the new frontier for entrepreneurship based on new business models.Many successful stories are emerging from the continent of Africa,so many African entrepreneurs has being changing the face of the marketplace positively,bringing innovative ideas and solving problems .

It is no longer a news that China is one of the largest and best country that has built increasing stronger ties with African countries,which has brought about new business ideas and opportunities here in Africa.

These are some of the best countries to start any business here in Africa:

   Nigeria is one of the best and largest  commercial
hub in Africa,its best known as “Home For Foreign
Investors”with approximately 188+ million inhabitants recorded as at 2016.Nigeria is the most populous country in the world,interest for trade is very high among Nigerians.
   Nigeria has the total of the country’s GDP(PPP) to be $1.166 trillion,Nigeria is noted to be an emerging market by world bank.They are so many business opportunities here in Nigeria to venture into when it comes the sector of Agriculture,Oil,Services and Manufacturing business ideas.

2.South Africa  
   South Africa,officially named as the ‘Republic Of South Africa(RSA),it is located in Southern Africa.South Africa was recorded to be the 25th largest country in the world by land mass which has the total population of 55,163,274 as at 2016.The country’s total GDP(PPP) was estimated to be $742.461 billion.
   The world bank classified South Africa as an upper-middle-income economy and a newly industrialized
country.Its economy is the second largest in Africa and the 34th largest in the world.South Africa has vast business opportunities that has attracted so
many investors within and outside Africa continent,some of those businesses are tourism,mining,clothing and textiles,technology.

   The Ghanaians are not so well populated which  has also increase their economy’s growth because it is properly managed and have some reserves for its
populace due to the small number of population.

Ghana has different local languages being spoken among them which they adopted English as their
official language,statistics shows that the total number of population was estimated to be 27,746,165 people with the total worth of $38.171 billion as their country’s GDP(PPP).

Ghana’s economy is the 5th largest in Africa and the 3rd largest in the Sub-saharan Africa,Ghana also produces high quality of cocoa,which made them 2nd largest producer in the world aside from
cocoa,manufacturing,petroleum are well noted business over there.

   Rwanda which has its capital as ‘Kigali’ is located in between Central and East Africa.The major languages spoken here are mainly Kinyarwanda,French and English.The number of total inhabitant was calculated to be 11,751,364 as at 1st of January 2016.The country’s total GDP(PPP) which amounted $20.343 billion

 The major type of business being noticed here is Agricultural which in return has increased their country’s GDP.If you into agricultural business who
wants to invest heavily on Agriculture,then think of this country.

   Starting business in Senegal might be kind of difficult if you really dont know much about speaking french but if you do,you are on the favorable side.The
Senegalese was estimated to be 15,362,098 and the country’s economy GDP(PPP) which was  calculated to be $38.912 billion.
   Senegal has alots of business opportunities to tap into which are mainly food
processing,mining,cement,artificial fertilizer,chemicals,refining imported petroleum and tourism.

   Botswana is located in Southern Africa,their two major official languages are English and
Setswana.Boswana’s GDP(PPP) was totaled to be $36.505 billion.Their country’s population was recorded to be 2,285,856 they are not so well populated maybe due to is land mass.Their economy seems to be stable due less corruption.
  Botswana are best known for magazine
publishing,crafts making,fast food franchise and oil.If you into this line of business but it is not more favorable in your country,think of migrating.

   Zambia is located in the southern Africa,English is
one of their official language being spoken over there,but they also have their local languages that are well spoken among their indigene.
   Zambia’s total population was estimated to be 16,452,896.Agriculture,mining,tourism and manufacturing has being increasing their country’s
GDP(PPP)which was calculated to be $65.174.

   Morocco which is situated in northern Africa,this an Arabic speaking country english is not well circulated
over there.

Morocco has a total population of over 33.8milliom people,their economy’s sum of GDP(PPP) was estimted to be $274.53 billion.The country’s economy has become a major player in the African economics affairs and is the 5th largest economy in Africa.

Business opportunities that are well practiced over there are tourism,agriculture,mining,construction and manufacturing.

   Kenya is located in Eastern Africa which has its capital as ‘Nairaobi’,they are also one of the biggest and most advanced economy in east and central Africa.Kenya’s population was recorded to be 47,697,414 Keyans,with its country GDP(PPP) totaled to be $152.735 billion.
   Kenya’s economy has seen much expansion,see by strong performance in tourism,higher education and
telecommunications,these are well performing businesses over there.

    Nambia is situated in Southern Africa,it shares the same borders with Zambia and Angola.The estimated number of Nambians was recorded to be 2,486,243 as at 2016.
   Nambia has a stable economy maybe due to the small number of their populace and this has also enhanced proper management,largest and best business to venture into are agriculture,manufacturing and tourism.

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