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Top 10 Countries With The Most Beautiful Women In The World 2017

Most nations in the world have their own share of beautiful women. These stunning, sexy & hot ladies from each nation have their own exotic features, which is unique to the country. Here is an interesting observation of how beauty differs across 12 Countries of various continents. There has always been confusion in deciding which country has the most beautiful women. However, here we come with the top 12 countries with most beautiful women.

12. Venezuela

Most people in this country are known to be beauty conscious. It’s also said that women spend a major portion of their earnings in enhancing their beauty. Perhaps, that is the reason why most winners of beauty pageants from around the world belong to Venezuela.

11. India

India this multi-racial and multi-cultural and has produced some of the prettiest female faces in the world. Their dusky complexion and shiny black hair make Indian women quite exotic. The traditional Indian attire, ‘Sari’, adds to the charm of these pretty faces.

10. France

From Actresses & models to even politicians, you will find beautiful ladies in every sector in this country. These women are known to be romantic, outgoing, and are quite sophisticated.

9. South Korea

Women from South Korea are considered to be some of the most attractive ones on our planet. They are known for their curvy bodies and blonde hair. South Korea these women have an innocent and cute faces with appealing personalities their fair and glowing skin glossy black hair and supple and curvy body with medium Heights make them extremely appealing.

8. Italy

Their olive skin and attractive brown hair make Italian women really gorgeous. Be it any attire, these women are known for gracefully carrying themselves out in these outfits.

7. Lebanon

The middle-east is known for its beautiful women as well, other than its natural resources. Apart from their amazing features, these women are also well known for their fun-loving attitude.

6. Spain

Many photographers from around the globe are of the opinion that capturing Spanish women is a real treat to the lens. These women are known for possessing stunning features and are also known for having a great dressing sense.

5. Colombia


Other than the natives, the nation is also inhabited by gorgeous women of Arab, Portuguese, and Spanish origins, making it the beauty hub of Latin America. These inhabitants of various races offer variety in terms of beauty.

4. Argentina

Of course you know this Latin American place for its football prowess, but the nation is also blessed with some of the hottest divas in the world. Argentinian damsels are known for their shiny skin, which they preserve through beauty and health care products. These women are known for keeping themselves updated with the latest trends in fashion.

3. Ukraine

Ukraine has some of the most bold and pretty women in the world they are hot and cute at the same time they resemble in look and attitude with Russian ladies.

2. Brazil


Other than being well known for its samba dancers, Brazil is home to some of the prettiest women in the world. These beautiful ladies are assets to the country which already boasts of a rich culture and beautiful beaches. These beauties, blessed with sporty bodies, rule the roost at fashion shows and swimsuit photo sessions. Brazil brazilian girls both blondes and brunettes are famous for their sporty and attractive bodies with charming faces most women have medium complexion with shiny skins.

1. Russia

The country Russia has been hailed as the home of the most attractive,hot,sexy women in the world. The Russian beauties are known for being tall, having well-toned bodies and gorgeous blue eyes.

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