Top 10 Dumbest Criminals

Well guys, we all enjoyed watching Home Alone movies and, I’m sure, most of us wondered how can those criminals be so stupid? Why didn’t they just shoot the damn kid?!? Jokes aside, there are some hilariously stupid criminals so we decided to make a list of top 10 dumbest criminals out there. Here we go:

10 Dumbest Criminals

10 . Catching Criminals With Beer


Back in 2011, Derbyshire police gave out notices to wanted fugitives which made them believe they won a free crate of beer. Most of them fell to the trick and went to get the beer only to be ambushed by cops. 19 criminals were caught using this simple strategy.

9.  Robber Gives Cashier His Phone Number

Phone Number

Yup, that’s right, the title is correct – Ruben Zarate gave his phone number to a cashier in the middle of the robbery back in 2008. He was arrested shortly after. ☺

8. Robber Drops His Birth Certificate

Studio shot of certificate of birth

Boston robber snatched a woman’s purse but, unfortunately, left behind something of his, something that can very easily identify him – HIS BIRTH CERTIFICATE!!! After the struggle, victim noticed the robber dropped something, boy was she happy when she saw that was his very own birth certificate. The robber was arrested shortly after. ☺

7. Donkey Trouble

SI Exif

Three robbers in Columbia successfully robbed a convenience store but did a small mistake – they had a donkey as their getaway vehicle. . . As soon as they loaded their loot onto the donkey he became very loud and the robbers had to flee the sight leaving their loot ( and their donkey ) behind.

6. Calling The Bank and Letting Them Know About The Robbery

Phone Call

Albert Bailey decided to call the bank he was going to rob, inform them about the robbery (that way the bank had enough time to prepare the money for him ☺) and then send in his juvenile accomplice with a note that said “This is a robbery, please give me the money we talked about.” His brilliant plan didn’t work as they were both caught seconds after their “robbery”.

5. Carjacker Cannot Drive

Car jacking

Yup, few years ago a 17 years ago a carjacker tried to steal a car, he was unsuccessful as the car had manual transmission and he couldn’t even start it. He was arrested shortly after.

4. Cop Party

Cop Party

One robber tried to rob a house in which local policemen were having a party. I’m sure that was one hell of a party. ☺

3. Wrong Hand

Handing Gun

A robber entered a huge bank with a gun in his left hand and an empty bag in the right one. He wanted to give the empty bag to the cashier so he could fill it with money, but he made a mistake and gave him the actual gun. . .

2. Wrong Weapon Choice

Basball Bat Weapon

A robber tried to rob a gun shop by waving around with a baseball bat. As soon as he started smashing the display cabinets the shop owner pulled out his gun and put a stop to this heist. ☺

1. Invisibility Potion


A robber tried to rob a bank in a very hilarious way. He just entered a small local bank, walked right to the cash machine and tried to open it and take out the money. He though he was invisible as his friend sold him an invisibility potion earlier that day. . . . WHAT THE ACTUAL F*CK?

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