Top 10 Handsome Celebrities Naija Girls Want To Date

Top 10 Handsome Celebrities In Nigeria

Many men in the show business are often loved by ladies, however, some are found more attractive to ladies than others. The pictures of such celebrities are usually found superimposed on the ladies’ phones. Nigerian girls are always obsessed to hot guys in the entertainment scene because of their physique, looks and charisma. Here are the top 10 most handsome celebrities that Naija girls are dying to date.

1. Tuface


He is an artiste whose lyrics rest on love and this has made him arrest the hearts of many Nigerian women. Ever since the release of his hit single, African Queen in 2004, Tuface became  every Nigerian women’s dream man. As a result of the song, lots of Nigerian women have had a crush on him. He has four children out of wedlock from different women and is jokingly referred to as “The father of many nations.”

2. D’banj


He is often referred to as Koko Master, Mr. Entertainer amongst others names. Ladies also love calling him Mr. Endowed. Ladies have so much love for him that he’s often used as the display picture on their blackberry and other smartphones. He calls hid female fans “Kokolets”. It will even surprise you to know that many ladies see him as Nigeria’s sex symbol.

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