Top 10 Nigerian TV Series Of The 90s

10 TV Series From The 90s

Each time I think of the 90s, I remember a period that made Nigeria interesting through the numerous interesting soap operas and TV series that were aired. One of the best ways of educating, entertaining, informing and enlightening the public in the past was through the Nigerian movies and soaps. In this piece, we flashback on some awesome series that rocked our world in the 90s.

1. Things Fall Apart

Although this series was released in 1987, it also reigned through the 90s. The film was extracted from Chinua Achebe’s novel. It featured Pete Edochie, Nkem Owoh and Sam Loco. This series pulled these actors to their fame.

2. Papa Salami

This was a comedy series about a man and his family in a ghetto. It is a very funny series. Remembering the casts’ faces alone puts smile on my face.

3. Tales by Moonlight

No kid played with this show back then. It was a show in which our culture of telling stories or folk tales was aired. One thing to remember about the show is the disguise dressings. Unfortunately, the tape was claimed to be stolen.

4. Storyland

This is one of my favorite TV series back then. I believe you should be humming the theme by now. I couldn’t get the lyrics, I was like:

“Story land. Storyland

Baba dudu come along


You can stay along”

5. Jaguar (My belle oh, my head)

You can’t watch this series without laughing. You just have to laugh from the beginning to the end. The theme song and the man’s dance are still fresh in my memory.

6. Yemi My Lover

This series was very popular when it was released I the early 90s. The film was about a young man named Yemi, who fell in love with a mermaid. The memories of watching this film still lingers in my heart.

7. Papa Ajasco

This is one of everyone’s favorite, both old and young. I remember those days, I ensured I finished my chores on time so that I won’t miss the show. Also, I used to put on my best attitude on the day it will be aired so that my mum won’t have any excuse to punish me thereby missing the show. I found the TV series very funny and entertaining. The likes of Pa James, Papa Ajasco himself, Alinco and Miss Pepeye made the series a must watch. I remember entertaining my classmates with Alinco’s steps.

8. Willie

It was a scary show. Believe me when I say so. The storyline captured a practice that was common in the society thereby making it to appear real and leaving a long-lasting fearful feel. The series was about a young man named Willie who was sacrificed for money by his brother. The wrath of Willie then returned and haunted the entire village.

9. Check Mate

Check Mate was very popular then, watched by old and young because of the suspense filled scenes. I loved this series so much. I will never forget the scene where a guy smoked a cigarette and threw it into a waste basket which later gutted fire. I can’t remember the plot vividly because I was quite young then.

10. Behind The Cloud

This series put Jos on the map. It was the city I was yearning to visit before it’s been rocked by the recent crisis. My favorite characters in the series were Nosa (MacArthur) and Efe (Zack Amata).

Do you have any addition to this list? Do you have any memory you wish to share as touching your favorite TV series? Let’s know your mind in the comment section below.

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