Top 10 Strangest Animals On The Planet


This burrowing rodent natives exist in parts of East Africa. Reasons to them looking gruesome and ugly as they are is simply because these physical traits enable them to survive in harsh underground environment.

9. Aye-aye


Kids might have problem differentiating aye-aye, a lemur and a primate native to Madagascar from the movie ‘Madagascar’. Ancient Malagasy legend superstition is one of the reason to the near-extinction of these species as they are often are viewed by the natives as symbols of death.

8. Japanese Spider Crab

Japanese Spider Crab

It is only logical to think that these crabs that lives in the waters of Japan might got bitten by the same spider that gave Peter Parker his powers. These arthropods have the largest leg span in its family species, which can reach up to 3.8 metres in length and can weigh up to 19kilograms.

7. Giant Isopod

Giant Isopod

From the shells that are covering its body to its legs, every single part of these giant isopods are just gigantic in size. Interestingly enough, these crustacean species are strange enough due to its overwhelming size that it managed to get itself featured in a very famous American thriller novel as an extra-terrestrial being.

6. Glaucus Antlanticus

Glaucus Antlanticus

Glaucus atlanticus which are also known as blue angel or blue dragon due to its colour and form are sea slugs that can grow up to 3 centimetres in length. Thus, the nickname dragon might not be that apt after all.

 5. Indian Purple Frog

Indian Purple Frog

Indian Purple Frog looks rather bloated up, lazy and unhealthy-looking (and not purple at all!). Its species are formally described in 2003 although its origin can much be traced through tadpoles that are described in 1918.

4. Blob Fish

Blob Fish

The blob fish looks nothing like a blob and fish put together. Instead, these deep sea fishes that inhabits mainly in the coast of Australia and also New Zealand have features that are similar to distorted human faces.

3. Leaf-tailed gecko

Leaf-tailed gecko

This unique creature from Madagascar would find its perfect hideout during autumn especially when the leaves are dried up as its whole body especially its tail are leaf-shaped.

2. Proboscis Monkey

Proboscis Monkey

Darwin might be right after all with his theory of evolution as we might have inherited our noses from these monkeys that can be found in the island of Borneo.

1. Penis Snake

Penis Snake

One could not resist but to associate these limbless, snake-like amphibians with a certain human organ.

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