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Top 15 highest paying professions in the world

Are you looking to learn or know the highest paying professions in the world?

Are looking out to learn the most lucrative career paths to follow?
Ok so i compiled a list of 15 highest paying professions in the world!
This is one of the highest paying professions in the world. In fact optometrists earn about $100,000 annually. It is a type of profession that isnt too popular or lets say the field isnt too saturated yet and doesnt appear to likely be anytime soon. Optometry deals with the diagnosing and treatment of visibility or visual problems and yes there is much need for them because sight problems are becoming rampant.
These managers control the operational  activities of companies or their host companies, they have good knowledge of company profit and active engagements, for this they earn good compensation for their commitment and useful engagements, there is an estimation that operation managers in the US for business enterprises earn over $110,000 yearly.
The field of medicine is another lucrative giant on its own, pharmacy as a field of medicine helps in making medications available to the public and assists hospitals in dispensing healthful components to better individual health as well as save lives. Pharmacists are well catered for and compensated. Their mean annual salary in most developed countries is between $100,000 to $120,000. These are range  estimates though.
Basically almost every firm needs and works with accountants, auditors or account officers. In Nigeria, most times they are found working with or for banks. Average bankers who are gainfully employed earn about N120,000 monthly and bank managers could earn as much as N250,000 to N400,000 monthly.
Seafaring is among the top lucrative careers in the world, the only problem or discomfort they have to deal with is having to be away from family and friends for perhaps months or weeks, but definitely its a worthy adventure, they earn Huge.
Another field or career path endowed with huge financial benefits. Marine Engineers are numerous and logically any field that doesnt have too many attention is most likely to be well paid. These engineers could earn between $1000 to as much as $4000 monthly depending on rank anyways.

Naval architecture has to do with boat building and skeletal repairs of ships and boats. Most ships are built by European and American Companies, there is a high demand for naval architects in these continents while in Africa, these naval architects could work at boat/ship repair yards called Dry-docks.
Industrial welding is one field that has been productive and beautifully compensating ever since iron has seen extensive usage through the iron age until recent and most definitely welding and metal works would still be potential cashcows for people who decide to take this career course as industrial welders.
With the societal and global value for crude oil and its extracts, petroluem engineers have emerged as indispensable factors or components of this sector and world economy, this makes it so right to say the petroleum engineering is a duly favorable field of study.
Petrochemical companies try to combine petroleum products with either synthesised chemicals or other natural/organic chemicals to create new products which places them in direct contact with other Petroleum companies as source of raw materials, as such their compensative value to their employees have a semblance to the operational characteristics of Oil companies, everyone knows how well these companies pay so its clear to understand how lucrative this profession is.
Looking around, buildings are one of the things that are obviously on speedy increase, structures are being erected and developed everyday, there is high demand for people who are competent in this field. Architects come into play, this job isnt physically much stressful but financially rewarding in every sense.
IT has taken over the world, almost everything now depends on this system. Industrial technology requires adept and keen knowledge of hardware and softwares. Computer engineers are very well paid and do not require too much physical stress because most other depend on these experts.
Fashion designers are more often than not, self-employed. In addition to their ability to work at leisure, they also earn good compensations from their engagements.
The world of modelling has gradually evovled into something very enviable. Models get huge contracts worth millions which affords them the luxury and comfort of good living.

Africa has always been a place of activity as it houses active resorts for wildlife and  which attracts tourists from around the globe. Tourist officers or tourist aids have much relevance in the industry and as such they are well paid.

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