Top 15 most profitable businesses in Nigeria

Nigeria is essentially a free enterprise country,subject only to such regulations as are necessary for national interest.Most foreign countries likes investing in Nigeria country like China and India.Nigeria has always being seen as a huge market for investment and business,most Africa and foreign countries regards this country as a land of business opportunity when it comes to surplus provider of oil&Petroleum,Nigeria offers a lot of scope for other  related industries.

         As a Nigerian,do you want to invest into any business that will yield you millions of naira in years to come?if so,maybe you are finding it difficult to choose the best business that is profitable in order not to engage yourself into a business that is not bringing forth income as you expect.
         They are lots of businesses in Nigeria you can engage yourself into for a better tomorrow ,I have researched and gone through different platforms is not all businesses that will bring same income,one must be higher than the other.

           On this post I will be listing “15 most profitable businesses in Nigeria”:
1..Mattress business: This mattress industry has being growing faster for years ,people who are realizing that to purchase a mattress is one of the greatest investment.I have a relation who is into this line of business,he revealed to me that he makes nothing less than 5,000 for any single mattress being sold,lets take for an example if he sells 5 mattresses a day #5000*5=#25,000! I never knew that this business generates huge income.
2..Phone/Accessories:We are in the modern world,stastics shows that 75million smart phones are being sold out per month while tablets shows sales of 38.7milliom tablets per month.Why not give this business a trial and change your financial status.
3..Home Appliances:It is a great source of income too it comprises of refrigerator,television,air-conditioners,freezers etc.You know how much people love beautifying their homes and making it look attractive and also smart.Your phone is smart,your kids are smart,a home should be smart too i guess?Use this opportunity to explore and create venture for yourself.
4..Hotel management: I listed this as one of the most profitable and booming business in Nigeria  and the globe too at large,you dont have to start with a big hotel,firstly start with a small lodge or maybe a guest house,you know how much Nigerians loves merriment and loves the good things of life.
   You can try to expand your hotel business if it begins generating more income and you can now think of building a bigger one of your choice.
5..Furniture business:You dont have to be specialized as a carpenter instead get in contact with does carpenter,get to know the varieties of chairs he designs,know the price and then think of getting a medium shop to display the goods.I know of a man who does this,he is not a carpenter but he does this same thing he sales just 4 seaters of chair for #450,000!. 
6..Rice Milling:People see rice milling as a minor job yet these are the things that will import from China and Thailiand.Rice milling is one of the biggest thing in Nigeria,if you have what it takes to run a Rice Business do it now,is never too late
7..Tokunbo motor spare parts:This is one of the biggest growing business in most of the cities like Lagos,Onitsha and Kano.You can be an importer of fairly used automative spare parts from major countries like Germany,Japan and China these are countries to get authentic spare parts  from at a lower price.
8..Boutique business:This business is very rampant among Nigeria youths,it is worthwhile,engaging and profitable as well.People love fashion a lot and have basic need for good clothing.
9..Transportation Business:Nigeria’s transportation industry has being growing even for years back now that they has being new invents of different transporting system like the Tricycle(Keke Napep),Mini-Bus(commonly known as “Hummer Bus”for far distance travelers)
   Before you go into this industry,you have find clues from those already in the same line of business.
10..Pharmacy:This is type of business is based on professionalism,a mere individual who has zero knowledge about drugs cant go into this type of business.Believe me running a pharmacy is one of the selling business in Nigeria as a whole.
   If you are an expert in the area of medicine,meet your local government for a trade permit and you must also have a license as a pharmacist that shows that you are qualified for the job.
 11..Building materials:Running this type of business doesnt need a season to make it sales weither be it dry or rainy season.This business is very fast in selling and the profit behind it is at the high side.
   Most people want to build a house of their own this due to that the selling of building materials will be high and bring huge income in  return.
12..Carpet/Rugs/Tiles: I decided to combine this three together because they all serve for the same purpose.These are the products that are very in a high demand especially for those moving into a new house or wants to renovate their home.
13..Selling of provisions:This business has dominated most of the businesses in Nigeria,the business is quite profitable and you can start it with a very little income.
14..Primary School Business;This business is very competitive in Nigeria,but you can make a difference when you want to establish yours,provide those facilities that are not in other schools.Is making tons of million every year.
15..Professional Car Wash:Try those good strategic cities like Lagos,Abuja and the rest of the cities that has more of car users.All you need is hardworking,good management and also the right place.
       My fellow Nigerians if you have any other profitable business you can do thats not listed here go for it,i cant speak the mind of all…
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