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Top 20 biggest and popular market in Nigeria

Trading in Nigeria has being practiced in the early BC’s where farmers bring their farm product too the market in order to exchange with what they don’t have,this form of trade was called the trade by barter system.
   But the modern form of trade in Nigeria has totally changed and evolved,farmers no longer depend on exchanging goods for goods but now they can sell those goods and have a medium of exchange (which is money).
 Nigeria current population as of November 1,2016 according to statistics was 188,530,828,aside the huge population,trade is one of the biggest thing that attracts foreign investors to Nigeria.
   Nigeria has being noted to have the best and largest market in West Africa.Another reason why Nigeria has the best potential customers because   most foreign
countries that are into manufacturing export their product into Nigeria,they see Nigeria as the best
place to sell their product based on the large population and huge interest for trade.
   They are some well known,noteable and busy market in Nigeria that involves taking a long walk based on your list because you have to locate different stores to buy your desired product,the bargaining of goods can be as stressful as it can be.These are the list of the most visited and popular market in Nigeria:

1.Onitsha main market(Anambra State)

    Onitsha main market is one of the busiest and largest market in Nigeria and West Africa at large.The average traders in the area are well known to bring in at least six consignment of 40feet containers,some of the imported goods are jewelry,clothing,household,industrial and office equipment.I have being to this market on several occasions, this market might get you missing because of its large land mass.

2.Ariara International market,Aba.

   Ariara international market is one of the best known and also an open-air market located in Abia state under the south east region,Nigeria.Their populace is
very good at mimicking foreign designers when it comes to making of foot wears and leather works.It was nicknamed as the ‘China Of Africa’.
3.Idumota market

   This market is situated in Lagos island,it is one of the ancient and also one of the biggest market in West Africa and Nigeria.They are specialized in selling of various commodities mostly clothing and jewelry.It is also where Nigeria movies are sold and distributed.

4.Alaba international market,Ojo.

   Alaba international market is located in Lagos State.It is one of the best market in Nigeria when it comes to selling of home videos,electronics and
home appliances.This market has attracted so many investors and electronic dealers across Africa.

5.Balogun Market

   Balogun market is also one of the biggest market in Lagos state located some where on the Lagos
Island.This market is best known as the best spot to buy shoes,fabrics and all kind of wears.

6.Zarki Biam yam market

   Zaki biam yam market is located in Ukum local
government area of Benue State.It is likely to be known as a mono-product market where only yams are sold,the market is well known for selling yams across West Africa.This state is regarded as the ‘Food basket of the nation’

7.Computer village,Ikeja.

   I have being to this market on several occasions with what am seeing there,the market is keen to even grow more.The major trade being held here is the sales of information and technology accessories,they also deals in the repair of mobile phones and computers.

8.Aleshinloye market,Ibadan.

   Aleshinloye market is located in Oyo state under the south-west region of Nigeria.It is one of the biggest and visited market in Ibadan.

9.Ogbete main market

   Ogbete main market is located in Enugu state,ogbete market is the biggest and cheapest selling place where you can buy commodities like groceries,clothes,electronics,books,vegetables and grains.

10.Kurmi market

   The kurmi market is one of the largest and well known market located in Kano State,it was founded by Muhammed Rumfa,a king of Kano during the 15th century.They sell all crafty and handy products made by crafts-men.

11.Nnewi,nkwo market

   This market is spotted in Nnewi,Anambra state and is mostly called the ‘Japan of Africa’ when it comes to selling of auto-motives.’Nwko Market’ in igbo land are usually held once in four days.

12.Jos terminal main market

   Jos main market is one of the largest and well known market in Plateau State,it is known to be the largest indoor market in West Africa.

13.Oshodi market

   After the demolition of some building here in Oshodi,Lagos state.This market  has never seized of being the biggest and busiest market here in Lagos.The major product commonly sold here are clothes,jewellery and footwears.

14.Oil mill market,Portharcourt.

   Oil mill market is located River state,it is one of the largest and busiest market here in Portharcour
t,its so busy because the goods that are sold here are straight from farm.The fresh and relatively affordable goods attract people in large numbers.

15.Bodija food market

   This market is located in Ibadan,Oyo state,it is a popular open-air market here in Ibadan.This market is best known for the sales and distribution of cattle and other livestock.

16.New market,Aba.

   New market is one of those two largest market in Aba,selling and buying never seem to seize in this place because trade is always open from Monday to Sunday,food stuffs are very cheap and affordable here.

17.Mile 12 Market-Lagos

   They was a major ethnic clashes in this market few months ago but resolution has being made.Mile 12 market is also known as the ‘food basket of Lagos’this market is always open for selling and buying 24/7 from Monday to Sunday.
   Mainly the products being sold here are food stuffs,many people from other cities within Lagos tends to patronise this market because the goods are sold at affordable price.

18.Oyingbo market

   Oyingbo market is an ultra-modern market complex located in a metropolitan city of Ebute-metta,an area located in Lagos state.This market is one of the oldest and busiest markets in Lagos,it is also recognize as a depot of selling agricultural produce.

19.Abubakar Gumi Central Market

   This market was named after the death of Abubakar Gumi,an outspoken islamic scholar and a vocal leader.It is noted in Kaduna State,where all kinds of trade ranging from food stuffs,clothing and other things are being sold here.

20.Oja-oba market(Oyo state)

   Oja-oba(the king’s market)this of the most visited and busiest market in Oyo state,where they deal in all kinds of trade.

They you have it most largest,popular and busiest markets in Nigeria,which one have you visited lately?

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