Top 20 business ideas for unemployed Nigerian youths

According too Nigeria Bureau of Statistics(NBS)it shows that the rate of unemployment mostly among Nigerian youths averaged at 17.5% from 2014 till 2016.The Nigeria Bureau of Statistics(NBS)also reported that 1.5 million Nigerian youths became unemployed in the first quarter of 2016.
   Nigeria’s rate of unemployment among youths has increased from 8.2% to 9.9% as at this present year 2016.
   Are you still an unemployed Nigerian youth?I know frustrating it can be if you have left the higher

institutions for more than 4years ago without a tangible job,all the struggle you have gone through during your school days,yet still unable to secure a means of livelihood.The government might have neglected but can you neglect yourself?food for thought.
   Are you still living on the term’Am yet to get a job’considering this present economy,getting a job wouldnt be as easy as it was before.

On this post i will be sharing with you 20 business ideas to engage in as a youth,i know this list of business ideas am about to share with you shortly will not be aligned with your choice of career but it will be a wise decision you can ever make to consider being a part of this venture.
Needful tips:

  • Find a strategic place where your business competitors can’t be found.
  • Raise enough capital
  • Have that positive mindset that you can

1.Professional car wash
   This type oof business has being overlooked by some Nigerian youths maybe due to its nature anyway.Decide if you want launch your own car was centre because you will be in full charge of the business.It can earn you #5000 to #10,000 a day.

2.Laundry service
   Laundry service business is one of the most lucrative small scale business you can start.You might as well
decide if you will be doing it straight from home,get in contact with those who have little to no time to do a proper laundry mostly the white collar workers.

3.Boutique business
 Boutique business in Nigeria has being moving the market which has almost dominated over 50% of most of the businesses in Nigeria.
   Starting a boutique business is one of the most
lucrative and profitable business,engaging in this type of business bring you a tangible income on the long run.

4.Sell mobile phones(both new and fairly used)
   Nigeria and Africa at large has the fastest and biggest growing mobile phones after China.The need for mobile phones will in a high demand if they are new product in the market.

5.Salon business
   Think of business that generate income on daily
basis,hair-dressing is not a left out.You know how much people love to look good this days mostly the female counterpart,they spend huge amount of money in order to make their hair attractive and more appealling.

6.Fashion design/Tailoring
   This type of business doesn’t require a certificate to give it an head-start,you can probably learn from certified,professional and well experienced fashion designer to put you through on the board.
   With the trends of new occasion being held,the need
for getting a new cloth and particular design that matches a particular occassion.So being a part of this venture will be a nice decision.

7.Cement sales and distribution
   Contracting top cement manufacturing companies like Dangote,Lafarge,Elephant etc.Also you need to get in touch with house builders to know the possible time to supply them cement.

8.Cooking gas sales

 Cooking gas is one of the best engaging and
profitable business in Nigeria.The demand for cooking gas has grown because most Nigerian homes no longer use the traditional means of cooking,such as the use of fire woods,charcoal and kerosine stoves.

9.Electronic material sales
   Electronic sales is one of the fastest growing business that has made many millionaires,going into this type of business requires having basic knowledge
about electronics or better still under-study a successful electronics dealers,this will give you a better knowledge of in’s and out’s of the business.

10.Computer training centre
   We are in the new age which is the computer age,they are some who still has little to no knowledge about computer and it ethics.This will be a better chance to start a computer training centre,it is an income generating stream because some people will pay huge amount of money to know more about it.

11.Jewellery making
   Jewellery making is an handy and engaging business,you can decide to be making your own
jewellery and reselling it to those that are in dime need of it.

12.Transport business
   Transport business is more than a million naira business that has being making many millionaires.
   Agofure,Chisco and so many others are making close to #5 million naira per day,you can consider starting with a new or tunkobo bus depending on your budget.This was how those big transport
company started theirs,they started with small capital, now they are making it big time.

13.Fruit selling
 People are becoming more concious of their health this days,source for those that will supply you fresh fruits.Selling of vegetable fruits is another source of income generation.

14.Food vendor
   Food business is one of the best business in Nigeria
that doesn’t require huge capital to setup all else if
you wish to run a large scale food business.

15.Graphic designing
    This is one of the best online business,if you have the basics about graphic designing then put this on your list as an innovative and creative business idea but on the other hand if you are not knowledgeable about it,get yourself acquainted with those graphic designers close to you to put you through on the board.

16.Ghost writer
   You can start writing blog article for website owners,contacting any website owner telling them your expertise on article writing and how you intend to contribute for them and get paid.

    Blogging is a business so it is one of the highest paying internet business as of now,read the story of the most successful and richest online entrepreneur in Nigeria
most of them made if through blogging.Once you find your passion go for it,Google search engine is there for you to give you a better guideline on how to start a blog and make it profitable.

18.Kerossine Retail
    Starting a kerosene business is very
lucrative and profitable as the product is always on high demand and used by most people,mostly especially here in Nigeria.
19.Viewing centre
   Many Nigerians are sport lovers,you can as well decide if you will engage in this type of business.It generates income mostly on daily basis.

20.Petty trading
 This type of business tends to be competitive because it has dominated most of the Nigeria market but you can set a competitive advantage against them either by selling those products they are not selling.

They you have it 20 business ideas you can engage in as a youth here in Nigeria but if they is any other business that you have in mind that is not listed above,you can as well go for it.But you have to be committed,dedicated and hard-working before starting any business of your choice.
 This a guest article compiled by Kingsley Umeh,he is an entrepreneur that loves helping people start,manage and grow their online and offline business.
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