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Civilization and immigration has caused much dispersion, people migrate for different reasons but mostly to search for greener pastures or to find better Jobs. We all have our dream jobs, jobs we can actually die for just to build a lifetime career with, sometimes these desired jobs may really not be available in our locality or may even not have much relevance in our country or country of residence, then we may have to search and migrate to such places where success appears sure to be found.

This article discusses top 20 countries where you are most likely to find your desired jobs judging by their activeness,progressive  development and job availability.
The Giant of Africa as its often and rightfully called is one of the African Countries that is teaming with business and business opportunities, Nigeria has always been a perfect place to live and work in until its recent economic crisis which has led to the crashing of the Naira which is the strength of the economy, nonetheless there are still available jobs but they only require patience, deep research and connections to get gainfully fixed into these systems due to its state of saturated corruption.
Ghana has been relatively active and productive with managing their economy, the Ghana cedis is one of the relatively steady currencies in the world, its population is quite below average which has made it easier for them to manage their resources and maintain their economy and as such its a good place to seek for employment.
The US is the worlds leading economy, they are the envy of so many nations. Almost everyone would like to live and work in the US if given the opportunity to. No county or country has sufficient jobs for its citizens not to talk of accommodating Aliens, but some have more opportunities than others and thats our basis for assessment. Every field of study in today’s education system has its application in the US, so it is right to say that almost everyone can get a job in the United States of America.
The central african cfa currently has more value than the Nigerian Naira, which makes it easy to believe that its good business being and working in central africa. There are so many foreigners in this country but just like a couple other african countries, you need a visa to be here.
South Africa has been on the map for too long  and sure has maintained a place on the worlds list of developing countries. They value labour and they pay good compensations for work.
Tunisia is another African country that has an enviable economy, there are jobs but depending on what you want to do. The system is quite favourable and you are most likely to find your desired job if you seek rightly.
China has dominated the world of wares and clothing, china has so much business and partnership to do with all other inhabited continents which means that there could be available professional jobs neglected by the masses since majority of their citizens are into business and merchandise.
Similar to china but different in some aspects too, dubai is a very busy and popular country, a beautiful country that houses one of the mightiest and awe-inspiring structures in the world, the sea-hotel. Dubai is quite densely populated but still filled up with business men and citizens who do not have much interest in secular employment.
India one of the largest countries in the world deserves credit for having too many families running home jobs and family businesses rocking on improvisation and local craft, indians are doing well in the field of Industrial Technology and medicine as well as clothing and fashion.
We all know of italian belts and shoes, there are so many business enterprises in italy who are specialized on this type of business and they keep expanding their territories daily in addition to new entrepreneurs setting up similar start ups. Georgio Armani is one of the most popular categorization.
 Malasia has also dominated the world of leather clothings including belt and shoes. A couple other professions are also doing very well over here.
Cameroun is one of the silent african countries that have been very productive in terms of business. Any country that deals so much on business, has the inmate abilities to have jobs available in a wide range of fields.
Spain serve as one of the primary entries between Africa and Europe, spanish has become the worlds 3rd most spoken language and as such it is having a global influence. Medicine is relevant in this place. If you have a degree in this field, consider migrating.
It is quite easier for french citizens to gain access to this place than it is for anglophones, however france has so many Job opportunities.
UK as it is usually abbreviated is a very conducive place to live and work in, almost all fields of study are practiced here but migration may be costly.
One of the best places for seafarers, depending on dealership though.
The worlds Technology Giant, Japan has been topping the list for decades and has still maintained its position. Basically all branches of Engineering have great employment potential in Japan.
 Fishing is one of the busiest engagements found with the filipinos, in fact they have large fishing companies and they invest hugely on this avenue so it is quite easy to find success in this career path over here.
Basically racism is one of the major problems here but Germany is very much industrious. Industrial jobs are available with the right qualifications and connections.
Britain colonized many african countries. The British Pound is the highest valued currency world over, Jobs and works in britain have hourly compensations and overtime is still even paid for. Britain is one of the worlds best places to live and work in only and only if you can contain the cost of survival and living costs.
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