Top 5 Jobs Paying Than White Collar Jobs in Nigeria

A typical Nigerian will look down on many jobs or hustle based on the nature of the job and the literacy of the people in the job. Many have been proved wrong nowadays, as most of those in these unskilled jobs now make more money than people in white collar jobs

You don’t have to be educated to be successful. Education only levels the playing field and exposes you to many opportunities.

Here are some jobs that Nigerians look down on that pay surprising well!













#1. Brick Laying 

We all know that Brick laying is back-breaking and physical job. It is hard but it really pays. Do you know an expert bricklayer can earn above N200,000 in two weeks as workmanship charge?

Before you lift your jaw off the floor, I had a chat with some bricklayers working at a friends property and I found out that “plastering” a one storey building cost the owner N300,000. It took four bricklayers to complete the work in 10 days.

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