Top 5 Weirdest Sports We Could Find

In most sports the weirdness comes from the fans: putting dairy products on their heads, running naked on the field, painting their bare chests with strange symbols and singing songs. But sometimes you find a sport where the fans are the only *normal* thing about it. Here are the top 5 weirdest sports from around the world.

5 Weirdest Sports

#1 –  Quidditch


While Quidditch is the most straightforward game on this list from a gameplay perspective, it is definitely one of the weirder games for inspiration. Any game inspired by a book about teen wizards is a strange enough thing, but to have it spread in legitimate clubs across the world is even stranger. You would think running around with a broom between your legs would be a turn off for most people, but Quidditch’s growing popularity would prove you wrong.

#2 – Finger Jousting

Finger Jousting

This “sport” involves two opponents locking hands, each with a forefinger extended, which they then try to use to poke the other in a sort of modified combination of thumb war and arm wrestling. It’s relatively low risk and anyone can participate, so try it out with your friends. Probably not in public though.

#3 – Chess Boxing

.Chess Boxing

Reading like something out of a turn of the (20th) Century guide to “Gentlemanly Honor and Masculine Hobby Pursuit”, chess boxing is exactly what it sounds like: two opponents compete in alternating rounds of chess and boxing. The game ends either when one person achieves checkmate or someone gets knocked out. As weird as the sport is, you have to admit the image of a chess grandmaster going up against Floyd Mayweather and praying for a first round checkmate is quite entertaining.

#4 – Shin Kicking

Shin Kicking

One of the rougher sports available, shin kicking is exactly what it says on the tin: two dudes kick each other’s shins until one of them falls over. Sweet and simple way to settle neighborhood disputes, if a little needlessly injurious.

#5 – Buzkashi


Ever been riding around town and thought, “What am I going to do with this dead goat carcass I’ve been dragging around?” Well then you should consider playing Buzkashi, a game where men mounted on horseback fight to get a goat carcass across the field to their respective goals. Now, you may be thinking that this sounds like a game someone would make up as a joke about how poor they grew up, which it does. But it also happens to be the national sport of Afghanistan. I dare you to find a stranger national sport than **that**.

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