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Top 6 Tips To Control Excessive Underarm Sweating And Odor

Sweating in a person corroborate that the health of a person is normal. Sweating helps our body to oust toxins mount up in our body. Sweating also adjusts the temperature of our body. But sweating becomes a problem when it becomes unwarranted. We are aware excess of everything is bad. Sweating in a person could be mild or severe; it mostly depends on the structure of a person.

People are always looking out for various remedial measures when they encounter any medical condition. This also holds true as far as sweating under arm is concerned. Here are some natural tips to control underarm sweating in a person:

1. Keep body hydrated – In order to keep your body’s temperature low, drink lots of water. This way there will be less sweat produced. Drinking water also flushes out excessive minerals and toxins and waste products which have accumulated in our body. Dr. Margaret McCartney, a general practitioner based in Scotland reveals that the body of a person will tell as to when it’s time to stock up your water supply.

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2. Baking Soda – Baking soda helps in absorbing the sweat and unclogs the skin’s pores. It will help in releasing all the body toxins which are inside the pores. While using baking soda for keeping underarm sweating at bay ensure you don’t overuse it as it is bad for the skin. Use baking soda for underarm treatment only once or twice in a week.

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3. Use Lemon juice extensively – When you apply lemon juice to the area which sweats most, you are 100 percent sure that it will not encounter any bad odor from excessive sweating. An acid in a lemon juice helps in killing the bad odor.

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4. Zinc pills help in underarm sweating – Yes, zinc if taken in pill form, under the advice of a medical practitioner helps in controlling bad odor through underarm sweating. Do read the instructions carefully, which can be found on the label of the bottle.

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5. Stay calm and avoid caffeine drink – Did you know excessive stress and nervousness arouse sweat glands promptly. While caffeine is known to cause anxiety, which triggers body’s excessive sweating.

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6. Use soap that are compatible with your body – Yes it is true don’t use soap underarms frequently, if they are not compatible with your body, as this type of soap helps in the growth of bacteria and give boost to sweating.

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