Top 8 Most Fashionable Politicians In Nigeria

These 8 Political Fashionistas  in Nigeria Always Dress in Style

Fashion and politics are two parallel spheres of life. However, most Nigerian politicians have not limited themselves to their primary duties as they now use fashion as a tool to brand themselves for political agenda.

This was evident in the 2015 general election in Nigeria. The contestants in the two leading parties- PDP and APC, used their fashion statements and appearance to pass across their messages to their fans and supporters.

This article is aimed at highlighting the stylish and fashionable Nigerian politicians in the last decade.

  1. Akinwunmi Ambode

Lagos state governor; Akinwunmi Ambode

Also known as AMBO. He is the governor of Lagos State. He keeps his wardrobe simple with tailor-made suits, designer shirts and blue or red tie. At times, he also dress casually or in traditional attire to promote his cultural heritage.

2. Jimi Agbaje

Jimi AgbajeJimi Agbaje

He is popularly known as JK the pharmacist. He was the PDP Gubernatorial candidate for Lagos State in last year’s general election. He is characterized with charming smiles and well fitted suits or starched traditional attire. The 57-year old puts is always seen in suits that fit well enough on his tall posture.

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