Top 8 Most Funny Quotes By Nigerian Politicians

President Buhari has indicated that 2016 will be a tough and difficult year for the country.
No matter how bad the economy may be crumbling, Nigerians still find humor in everything. The war of words is mainly observed between the 2 key competitors, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and the All Progressives Congress (APC). A lot of statements have been issued and a lot of promises have been made… But guess what, this article is NOT about the elections, STILL about politics. Specifically, about some politicians and their quotes that have already made history (but not in a desired way). Some of them were funny, the others – embarrassing and strange… See our top 8 below:

#1. “We want to thank the President for bringing Facebook to Nigeria” Labaran Maku

The former Information Minister Labaran Maku dropped this remark December 20, 2010, while speaking during Goodluck Jonathan’s ‘Facebook’ book launch in Lagos. Although Maku tried to thank GEJ for introducing social networking to Nigerian politics, the phrase immediately turned into a social joke.

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